art commissioners: we want to make it easier for artist to apply for work
also art commissioners: instead of sending us a cv and portfolio, send us a 1000 words proposal

If you want to know what it's like to be an artist, basically it's like having a normal job, except you only work somewhere until you make a couple grand then you have to completely redo your job search if you want another job. Over and over. Like I am not even kidding, that's the process

we're now at 5 rejections but at least one of them was second place


Or pretty much every temp job in the U.S. lol. This is how artists who don't actually make saleable art get to feel the magic of pro-artistry secondhand. :D

(Maybe substitute "1-Grand pre-tax" for "couple of grand" though.)

Part of why my daughter reinvented herself as a designer/maker.
She got her degree in Ceramic Art, but then had problems with premises and equipment. Following a relocation to Cornwall, she taught herself to Paint in Oils.
She was doing quite well until the crash of 2008 when her larger paintings suddenly stopped selling.
Now she sells her designs to independent shops and retail on Etsy.

@wyliecoyoteuk I'm trying to make a big shift over to selling art this year after spending a while relying too much on commission work and I've noticed the same thing about bigger paintings even nowadays. Suits me because the smaller ones are easier to send to people through the post

@nuala She used to sell in the local arts Foundation gallery in Polperro.
She could paint there while manning the till.
She also sold smaller paintings, driftwood sculpture and jewellery.
But in 2008, visitors and sales dropped dramatically, and commissions dried up .

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