3 years learning french at school and all I know how to say is je m'appelle tres baguette

would love to know if language lessons at UK secondary schools are still the absolute fucking shitshow they were a decade ago. You'd sit through 2 hours of German a week for four years and at the end of it be lucky if you could string a paragraph together

@nuala no worries, it's normal, I discovered after more 6 years of study that the wovels in french are 6 and not 5 :-) french is a fractal language, the more you dive deep into it the bigger becomes the landscape :-)

@nuala 3 years of learning latin at school and all i know how to say is

Furthermore i learned

The stress of learning to translate this very dead language was justified because

Good that we had a fun student exchange with an italian school though to make it all worth it
If our living situation had allowed me to participare, that is 😭😭

Trust me, you still made the right choice

@nuala the stories I could tell about French lessons...

@nuala My German and French lessons in school (Greater London) were brilliant. Had a German penfriend (through the school) after a year and went on school exchanges. Was in the second year to take GCSEs. However, my old school has dropped German from its curriculum. And son's school in Wales - well, he barely learnt any French in 3 years (third year secondary, just one lesson a week...), certainly not enough to write simple sentences to a penpal.

@Morgaine @nuala I consider myself pretty fluent in both German and French, having done both at school. But I made the effort to keep them up. And I guess spending a year in Switzerland helped.

@AngharadHafod @Morgaine @nuala I took two years French in comprehensive, did well on all my exams. Two years later, moved to France on a whim with a French girlfriend, realised on day one I absolutely could not speak French, nor had I ever heard an actual French person speak. Ever. I could ask for directions to the library or the swimming pool, two things I didn't need, and wouldn't have been able to understand the answer anyway. 😂

@nuala this was also the case with language classes in American high/secondary school fwiw. I'd read French at something a bit below kindergarten level (or at least, at one point I could. probably not anymore), but if you would have asked me to order a burger I'd have completely blanked

@nuala yeaahh I had German lessons in school 15 years ago and all I got out of it was how to ask for some water and how to sing the chorus of "are you ready for love". It wasn't even a lesson, a kid just got up and sang it in front of the class one time and it's been stuck in my head ever since.

Lol. It's a big improvement over the 2 hours of German for 2 years that I did. I'm not really able to write a complete sentence. I still passed GCSE German at grade C.

The only thing I learned in French is how to say why you throw water on me?
Pouqua tu launch lo suir moi?
All I know in Japanese is "how do you say that" and, "how do you say this", also how to count to 10.
Two years each. Time well spent?

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