A bit more by way of .

My career has taken me along some interesting paths - focussing and archaeology. Interested in archaeological and . Currently CEO of an archaeological charity in .

I also volunteer as of a leading independent in the English midlands, and as a Trustee of an in Wales.

@paulbelford Welcome! Nice to see more archaeologists here :) I am from a different branch (Ancient Near East), but also interested in archaeological practice and ethics (which in our field is so much relevant).

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I rarely heard of archaeological charities, but I do want to learn more. Do you have a link to yours? Or something where I can find more info :)


@whysofurious Thanks for your welcome! The charity model is used in the UK for a variety of ‘services’ which in other parts of Europe might be delivered by the state, or in the US might be done by private enterprise. So it’s a not-for-profit organisational model that sits between the two. My organisation is the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (www.cpat.org.uk) and we deliver services in Wales for Welsh Government, local government and private-sector developers. Hope that helps!

@paulbelford Absolutely! Thanks for taking the time to explain and for the link :)

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