Lovely after-work bike ride, along the Montgomery Canal near our office in . You can see Beacon Ring - an Iron Age - in the distance.

I should really be finishing the book about our excavations there but sometimes it’s good to have a break!

This stone is a small fragment of surviving in the walled port town of .

Almost hidden in the side wall, this medieval feature was retained when this town house was rebuilt in the 1700s.

Monnow Bridge, . Part of the town defences, this is the only surviving gated in Britain. Built in the 1270s to replace a twelfth-century timber bridge, with the gatehouse added in c.1300.

A bit more by way of .

My career has taken me along some interesting paths - focussing and archaeology. Interested in archaeological and . Currently CEO of an archaeological charity in .

I also volunteer as of a leading independent in the English midlands, and as a Trustee of an in Wales.


I am an archaeologist who is interested in using the past in the present to create social and environmental benefits for the future.

Curious to explore a different approach to social media.

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