I've started noticing new shoots on my old bamboo plant, which I'm pretty thrilled about. I've also decided to buy a few new shoots for the fun of it.

A few things blooming in the garden. The Peach rose was planted in memory of my beloved one eyed cat Peaches. The lilac is looking good this year. The Wisteria grows up a pollarded Silver Birch. Don’t know what the tiny bright blue flowers are but the colour is intense.

It's taken me two years to get this where I wanted. I'll keep tweaking but this makes me really happy.
#TinyGardens @plants

im so glad to see familiar faces here, mostly from pillowfort!!

This is my #oc Saffron and his cafe! I love drawing these top view of things uvu

#art #MastoArt #illustration #plants

Rained over night and still raining. Not the heavy downpour rain, but the soft gentle rain that seeps through the parched soil and rehydrates the earth and roots. Its droplets sparkle on petals and leaves and rids the dusty coat worn by so many living things these past few weeks.

The freshly seeded assorted kitchen herbs are coming up quicker than expected. Just a few days. @plants #kitchen #gardening

Winter gardening in Eastern Australia is always a partnership with light. After a morning of rain, sudden late afternoon sun and the joys lights up. #florespondence @plants

Greenhouse filled with tomatoes and chili’s again. Still a bit too cold for the outdoor ones to get to their spot in the allotment.

The Pluck, Swansea; decent trees, plenty of native and non-native ferns. Sidenote: nice walk, good pond.

A hanging basket I originally bought at Asda is doing surprisingly well. 🌱

Preparing for balcony life. πŸ€—πŸŒ±I like our plant lamps, easily attach to the window.

#plants #balcony #tomatos #chilis #sunroses @plants

In the corner of a room and sat on a shelf is possibly the most neglected plant in the house; this easter cactus.

This year it has decided to bloom with two flowers!

@plants #plants

@Pepijn @plants
Following on from this thread of growing trees from seed, a small collection of ours. Some we give away, some go into hedging gaps & some we bonsai.
Top left - Hazel & Sycamore
Top right - Horse Chestnut
Bottom left - Mountain Ash
Bottom middle - grouping of Horse Chestnuts grown from conkers. The crowns & roots are trimmed to bonsai them. They are over 30 years old now.
Bottom right - Conifers
#garden #trees

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