This is how my chilli plant is doing. I've moved it outside now that the weather is warmer.

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I wrote this for the paper, but thought it might be worth sharing here too.

A 1,500-year-old Ledbury yew tree has been listed amongst 70 ancient trees to be dedicated to the Queen.

I've started noticing new shoots on my old bamboo plant, which I'm pretty thrilled about. I've also decided to buy a few new shoots for the fun of it.

The Pluck, Swansea; decent trees, plenty of native and non-native ferns. Sidenote: nice walk, good pond.

My cactus 🌵 from Lidl is starting to grow out. As you can see they dyed the spines, so now I can see all the growth it's done at home.

This is a I took last year of an ash sapling growing up through a crack in the front steps of a very old building.

They're selling scotch bonnet at Tesco for £2. I'll pick one up and see how it goes. Scotch bonnets are known for being particularly hot, coming in at 100,000-350,000 scoville heat units (SHU). Some folks I know have had some good success with growing chillies at home. Let's hope I can follow suit.

I spotted some crown rot—I think—at the base of my oldest cactus. Probably caused by over-watering. I've cut off the affected area and hope it'll recover, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of the end.

I cut this indoor plant right back this week. When I picked it up at the shop the leaves were pretty wilted.

Cutting it right back allows for new fresh growth. These grow pretty fast, so I expect we'll see it grow out soon.

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