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The Pluck, Swansea; decent trees, plenty of native and non-native ferns. Sidenote: nice walk, good pond.

Preparing for balcony life. 🤗🌱I like our plant lamps, easily attach to the window.

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In the corner of a room and sat on a shelf is possibly the most neglected plant in the house; this easter cactus.

This year it has decided to bloom with two flowers!

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Following on from this thread of growing trees from seed, a small collection of ours. Some we give away, some go into hedging gaps & some we bonsai.
Top left - Hazel & Sycamore
Top right - Horse Chestnut
Bottom left - Mountain Ash
Bottom middle - grouping of Horse Chestnuts grown from conkers. The crowns & roots are trimmed to bonsai them. They are over 30 years old now.
Bottom right - Conifers
#garden #trees

My cactus 🌵 from Lidl is starting to grow out. As you can see they dyed the spines, so now I can see all the growth it's done at home.

For those looking for how to do the ŵ in Tŵt Wales (Tŵt Cymru), it's unicode character u0174 for the capital Ŵ and u0175 for the lowercase ŵ.

On to type a unicode character press ctrl, shift and u, then type the relevant unicode character number, in this case it's 0174 or 0175. It takes a little effort to remember the numbers, but I feel it's well worth it.

My micro-plot of oats, wheat and barley are doing surprisingly well!

This'll make a load of seed for next year when I think I will be able to both save and eat some of it.

Truly is a long game!😁

@plants #plants

This is a I took last year of an ash sapling growing up through a crack in the front steps of a very old building.

@trunk Please add me to Environmentalists, Gardening, Plants, Sustainability, Wales.

They're selling scotch bonnet at Tesco for £2. I'll pick one up and see how it goes. Scotch bonnets are known for being particularly hot, coming in at 100,000-350,000 scoville heat units (SHU). Some folks I know have had some good success with growing chillies at home. Let's hope I can follow suit.

Mom's Lamprocapnos spectabilis (aka Bleeding Heart) is doing its showpiece thing in a semi-shaded corner of the courtyard.

@plants #florespondence

I spotted some crown rot—I think—at the base of my oldest cactus. Probably caused by over-watering. I've cut off the affected area and hope it'll recover, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of the end.

Major Wheeler is in the house!

Or patio, as it may be.

Lonicera sempervirens, red honeysuckle.

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