Alun Wyn Jones Tells Wales To Make History In 240 More Minutes Of Rugby
Warren Gatland has echoed a message from his captain Alun Wyn Jones that Wales have 240 minutes of rugby to write themselves into folklore.

Gatland watched his team secure their World Cup quarter-final spot against France by eventually overcoming Uruguay 35-13 in a laboured victory in their

Mind over matter
A convicted South Wales conman we have exposed who had his legs broken when a drugs deal soured and is under investigation by the police after an alleged assault has asked for money from the public for a charity but the funds go straight to him even though he has been jailed for fraud, The Eye can exclusively reveal.

Criminal 'Estate Agent' Howard Williams (who changed his name to) James Dan

Welsh Government Renames Sex Education RSE (pronounced ARSE)
The Eye has been passed redacted documents revealing a secret plot to make Welsh government acronyms as funny as possible in the hope it will make ministers seem cuddlier.  The latest amusing acronym is the result of changing Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) to Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE), t

Brexit Blood Sacrifice
Dearly Beloved Sheeple

As your bellwether, I see it as my duty to keep up with and communicate to you all the latest TV and streaming entertainments. This is to deflect attention from your imminent appointment with the abattoir. Oops!


In episode 8, Season 1 of Westworld, a truly magnificent bingeworthy TV series currently streaming on Amazon, Delos Corporation VP Charlotte Hale says to T

Wicked news
A key figure who was dismissed from a scandal-hit university for "gross misconduct" and is at the heart of a major police investigation into alleged bribery during a huge controversial land deal, had strong links to a leading thinktank named after a celebrated former First Minister of Wales, it has emerged.

Senior executives at the

Beaten Aussie Michael Cheika Claims He’s “Embarrassed” By Rhys Patchell Decision
Fuming Australia coach Michael Cheika launched a furious attack on rugby chiefs over a crucial decision in Sunday’s 29-25 World Cup loss to Wales, saying he was “embarrassed” by the decision to penalise Samu Kerevi while he was carrying the ball.

Already angry with rugby’s offic

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