Yeah, We’re No.1 . . . But It’s No Big Deal, Says Warren Gatland
Warren Gatland says Wales will not get carried away after replacing New Zealand as World Rugby’s top-ranked nation.

Wales’ 13-6 World Cup warm-up victory over England in Cardiff saw them end the All Blacks’ 10-year unbroken rankings reign.

And their debut rise to the summit comes just 34 days before the World Cup kicks off in J

Gareth Bale Back In Favour
Gareth Bale appears to have had the slate wiped clean in his stand-off with manager Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid .

The Wales star was omitted from Zidane’s squad for a pre-season friendly with RB Salzburg, having also previously missed the club’s trip to Germany for the Audi Cup.

That came after the collapse of Bale’s proposed transfer to Chinese club Jiangsu Suning amid widespread speculatio

Wales Hope To Topple England at Hockey
It’s Wales v England on Saturday, but it’s nothing to do with the warm-up for rugby’s World Cup. In Antwerp, the old enemies face each other in their opening game of the men’s EuroHockey championship. Owen Morgan looks at the progress of the national sides in both the men’s and women’s game.

These are exciting and hectic times for Welsh hockey as the game looks to develop

The world turned upside down (copyright C Hill)
Our correspondent The Rebel looks at the extraordinary world of politics today as the astonishing Tory leadership race gave us a new Prime Minister hated by sections of his own Conservative party who may be plotting to install a socialist leader of the opposition in his place, and Labour still grapples

The Bellwether Guild
The future for the working person is in Guilds. In Dune, the famous SciFi novel(s) by Frank Herbert, the interstellar space pilots and navigators were all members of a profession, a guild, from a young age, hooked on and dependent on the spice drug Melange.


A guild is an association of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft/trade in a particula

Adam Beard Shaves Off Long Unbeaten Record . . . But Wants To Start A New One
Wales’ first defeat for almost 18 months last Sunday was accompanied by another rare event – lock Adam Beard losing a Test match.

The Six Nations champions’ four-Test World Cup warm-up schedule began with a 33-19 reversal against England at Twickenham.

It was also the first time in 14 games for his cou

Marked card
A controversial former Chief Executive of a Welsh council who was at the centre of 'unlawful' payments and did not declare he was a trustee of a multi-million pound project under investigation, is at the heart of a police inquiry into alleged bribery, The Eye can reveal.

Mark James, formerly of Carmarthenshire County Council was sent an email by

The World Cup Begins Soon . . . But Just Not At Twickenham On An August Afternoon
The World Cup countdown starts here. But Harri Morgan says it would be wrong to read too much into the numbers at this stage. England v Wales in August is unlikely to be too reliable an indicator of what is about to come in Japan.

The humble pre season fixture. The first opportunity for those in

Cummings Shrugged
Dearly Beloved Sheeple

The main take-away (for me) from reading Dominic Cummings' blog and other commentators is that he has almost total contempt for politicians (especially Tories like ex-chancellor Philip Hammond), the Civil Service and so-called 'captains of industry'. Ayn Rand Objectivism calls these people 'moochers'.

This is because NOTHING ever gets 'done'. The only exception to this i

Wales v England Always Matters . . . Especially If You’re The No.1 Team In The World
The dress rehearsals ahead of the World Cup are primed and Robin Davey says a Wales squad with 14 wins behind them should want to keep the habit – even if it means some chopping and changing.

It’s World Cup warm-up time and though the matches may be friendlies before the real thing gets under way nex

FluBola. The Cummings Apocalypse
Dearly Beloved Sheeple

You're all f*cked! This is not an amusing post.

I've been reading Dominic Cummings' blog and I am the proud recipient of his newsletter. Yes, he's the chap that is now an uberspecial advisor to the new PM Boris Johnson. He of the T-shirt and the BREXIT slogan 'take back control'. Brilliant. The Mr.Brainiac of the Brexitory party.

Reading his super intelligent stuff, I now re

Swansea Devil Appointed ‘Place Holder’ Prime Minister
After another failed attempt to establish a functioning government in Westminster, Secretary of State for England, Eluned Morgan has been forced to appoint a ‘Place Holder’ Prime Minister. In order to minimise the potential damage an actual person might do, Baroness Morgan of Ely has given the p

England Are Looking Beyond Wales – And Sunday – Says Jamie George
England are unlikely to bother with much homework on Wales before the two nations clash in Cardiff this weekend.

That’s the view of England hooker Jamie George, who claims the attention of the red rose brigade will be too focussed on the World Cup itself, rather than Sunday’s Grand Slam-winning opponents at Twi

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