Never Say It’ll Never Be Warren Gatland Again
Never say never again, admitted James Bond and Warren Gatland has confessed that he, too, was wrong to pre-empt his destiny.

The Wales coach – confirmed on Wednesday as the British and Irish Lions coach for 2021 – had famously claimed he would never do the job again after the hurt he felt in New Zealand two years ago.

But, like Sean Connery back in the movie of 1983,

A friend in need
An extraordinary dirty tricks campaign which has been ignored by the mainstream media, has now moved up a gear with the latest contentious anonymous message being sent to Welsh Assembly Members and the First Minister of Wales (FM), as well as staff at the headline-grabbing university where a top-level investigati

Get Down To St. Helen’s . . . For Sunshine, Sea, And Some Special Sporting Memories
Glamorgan are back in Swansea for their next match and Owen Morgan couldn’t be happier. It means a journey down to the beautiful seaside ground that is St. Helen’s – and a trip down memory lane.

Dear Old Blowers would have been in his element.

The retired BBC radio cricket commentator Henry

Prince Charles Arrested for Writing Cofiwch Dryweryn Over Own Bridge Sign
Buckingham Palace released a short statement last night saying “a man matching the description of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales was seen fleeing the scene of a graffiti incident on the newly named Prince of Wales B

Ryan Giggs Says Gareth Bale’s Madrid Misery Is No Worry For Wales
Ryan Giggs insists it matters little to him – or Wales – if Gareth Bale’s Spanish adventure ends this summer and he returns to the Premier League.

The future of Wales’ biggest star, and still their most important player, is unclear after his season ended in rejection at Real Madrid.

But as Giggs na

Unemployed Orcs to Be Billeted in Tidal Lagoon Floating Houses
Latest leaked plans for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon show the much-anticipated underwater caravan park is to be joined by a floating island of up to 10,000 houses and shops.  This will form the perfect enclosure for Swansea’s redundant Orc population.  Orcs famously cannot swim and none, so far, have

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