Welsh Regions And Players Facing Massive Cuts As £60m Crisis Grips WRU
Wales’ leading rugby players are facing more massive pay cuts with plans for funding from the Welsh Rugby Union to the regions to be slashed by £23m.

Stars of the Ospreys, Scarlets, Cardiff Blues and Dragons have already seen their wages reduced by 25 per cent for the past three months.

Now, t

Lockdown Onion Rings
Beer Battered Onion Rings.

This recipe is courtesy of Kemi's in Cardiff. Perfect for binge watching Hay Festival talks online along with a glass (or two) of home brewed elderflower champagne (recipe soon).


1/2 massive spanish onion cut into 1/2inch rings. Cut the stem end away and and peel back a few layers. Toss rings with 1/2 cup fl

Lockdown Sourdough
A great many people seem to be baking at the moment so here is our recipe for sourdough bread 'bara surdoes'. Hat tip: John Burton.


700 g strong plain organic bread flour
100g organic wholemeal flour
15g sea salt
400ml tepid fresh water

'Levain' comprised of

Sourdough starter
Plain organic bread flour

Castle Lockdowngate
Dearly beloved Sheeple

It has come to my attention that a senior bellwether (from another flock) escaped recently from his lockdown pen along with his favourite primary ewe and a baby lamb.

He was photographed by paparazzi weasels munching on bluebells in the grounds of Barnard Castle, a local beauty spot. He now claims that he ha

Let Fans Take Over The Clubs In Post-Pandemic Future . . . Or Else They’ll Die
Fans in both football and rugby should be helping run their sports, according to a report from a leading think tank.

Both sports should seek the influence of supporters groups in plotting the way ahead for a sustainable and responsible future, according to Onward and their new publication.


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