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The three BREXIT B’s. Breezers, brooches and Bulldogs
Dearly Beloved Sheeple

I can't help noticing that the news these days is dominated by BREXIT. The latest items that have struck my jaundiced eye and which have become internet memes are: breezers, brooches and bulldog (clips).


These are huge chest freezers that have been bought, installed and stocked up

Sam Warburton Insists Wales Can Rock The World Cup . . . On And Off The Field
Sam Warburton believes memories to last a lifetime can be created by Wales over the next six weeks at the Rugby World Cup.

But it’s not just out in Japan where Warren Gatland and his team are aiming to make their impact felt. Back here in Wales, the game is utilizing the global tournament in o

Redacted Yellowhammer Section Warns of Godzilla attacks
It has been revealed by sources close to the Prime Minister’s girlfriend’s hairdresser’s boyfriend’s wife’s Reiki therapist that the redacted clause from the infamous Yellowhammer document contains a warning about increased attacks from Godzillas if we leave the EU without a deal on the 31st of Octob

Sporting Memories Bid To Get A Nation Talking . . . And Walking Towards New Friendships
The Sporting Memories Foundation – a charity that uses sport to help people overcome loneliness and other issues – is coming to Wales. This weekend, as the Rugby World Cup gets into full swing, they’re launching a Welsh Memories Weekend, aimed at sparking a Wales-wide conversation ab

Wales Given Betting Warning . . . As Neil Jenkins Insists They’re Determined To Overcome All Odds
Neil Jenkins insists Wales cannot wait to get their World Cup campaign underway after it emerged players were given a briefing on the pitfalls of betting 24 hours after Rob Howley had been sent home.

Wales’ kicking coach Jenkins would not reveal d

WRU Knew Of Betting Problem A Week Ago. . . But Say Rob Howley Had Already Got On The Plane
The Welsh Rugby Union knew a week ago they had a problem with alleged betting from inside the Wales camp.

As the shock waves from the departure of Rob Howley was extending throughout the World Cup in Japan – which begins on Friday – his employers have tried

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