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Here's my updated graphs for today.
The total deaths are a little below what yesterday's exponential increase percent predicted, which indicates a possible slowing - i.e. that's good news. The projection is now based on the average increase over three days (previously I used 5, because of reporting problems on 25th).

And on a personal note, I am now self-isolating for a week, having been in contact 12 days ago with someone who has just tested positive.

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In this current state of isolation, presents its “Welsh Quiz-at-a-Distance”

Wed, April 1, 6:30PM 8:00PM EST

Roll up, roll uo for the physically separated, digitally united, socially connected battle of wits!

Quiz Master: newyorkwelsh.us16.list-manage.

Nothing major but I'm trying out new bathroom products and I accidentally washed my hair with my new body wash and washed my body with my new shampoo. I assume my hair will fall out at some point today, and I have some interesting teatree oil tingling that should be on my scalp but is, alas, elsewhere. This is why I usually buy all-in-ones.

RT @BurumJazz
Gallwch brynu 2 o'n CDs yn uniongyrchol wrtho ni ar , a ma'r holl arian o werthiant fory yn dod at y band. Beth gwell na' ychydig o jazz/gwerin Cymraeg? Mynwch gopis fory....

Dyn ni i gyd yn gwneud pethau i helpu'r amgylch, efallai trwy brynu pethau mewn deunydd pacio plastig compostadwy...ond beth ddylen ni'n wneud gyda hynny?
Ewch i'n wefan am awgrymiadau:

This is Coltsfoot - Tussilago farfara. It is one of my favourite herbs, and it just got useful. Coronavirus has been getting a lot of attention - it is dangerous because it fills the lungs with mucus. Tussilago is useful because it eases coughs at the same time as thinning mucus down and encourages its expulsion from the lungs.

If you have any health concerns, please ring me on 01286 865883 / 07989325028 or message me.

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