@wardy Staten Island huh, do I know you from the New York Welsh group by any chance (I'm terrible with names so forgive me if I don't recognise the name)

@jaz I was reading about you and what you do on Nation.Cymru. So I decided to enroll to Toots.Wales It's a great Site. My name is John Ward a Mechanical Engineer from Pontypridd. I Design Elevators all over the U.S. and all over the Globe.

@wardy well, glad to have you here mate, and when this is all over would be glad to meet up in the city 😀

@wardy I'm from Llanilltud Fawr/Llantwit Major on the coast btw, been in NY since 96


@jaz It's beautiful down there. I have been in The U.S.A since 1989.Before then I worked for the Admiralty in Pompey (Portsmouth) on R+D on Torpedo WarfareI. I started out as a Toolmaker in a Village called Abercynon. and won a Scholarship to Cardiff Uni. I love life in the U.S. I started work here as an Engineer 3 days after I flew in.
I work on the World's Tallest Superstructures Designing the Shafts and the Logistics of Traction Engineering. As one Taff to another please be careful out there.

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