If, on this , you've done a Cinderella and lost one shoe, pop along to our website to find out what to do with the (now redundant) other one: recycleforwales.org.uk/what-to

Apparently it's today but it's not all doom & gloom, how's this for something to be positive about: here in Wales more & more people are recycling making us the 3rd best recyclers in the world!
Check out our Recycling Locator tool: bit.ly/2ezPP5d

Mae'n heddiw felly dyma rywbeth i deimlo'n hapus am - mae mwy a mwy o bobl Cymru yn , mawn yn gwneud Cymru'r 3edd wlad orau yn y BYD am ailgylchu!
Rhowch eich cod post yma i atgoffa eich hun beth allwch ei ailgylchu yn eich ardal chi: bit.ly/2Esrxai

Do you wrap your packed lunch in kitchen foil?
If you do, remember, clean foil can be recycled, it’s easy when you know how - wipe it, scrunch it and it: recycleforwales.org.uk/what-to

Dych chi'n lapio'ch pecyn cinio mewn ffoil cegin? Cofiwch gallai ffoil glân yn cael ei hailgylchu, mae’n hawdd pan fyddwch yn gwybod sut - sychwch y ffoil yn lân, gwasgwch y ffoil, a’i ailgylchu: recycleforwales.org.uk/cy/what

So is trending today, of course here in Wales we appreciate our dragon every day and 90% of us our food waste providing power to our local communities.
Keep the dragon roaring!
Find out more: www.recycleforwales.org.uk/food

Mae'r hashnod yn boblogaidd heddiw, wrth gwrs, dyma yng Nghymru dyn ni'n gwerthfawrogi'n draig bob dydd ac mae 90% ohonom yn ailgylchu ein gwastraff bwyd a darparu pŵer i gymunedau lleol.
Darganfyddech mwy: www.recycleforwales.org.uk/cy/bwyd

It was great to see two of Wales's finest actors in the list of Oscar nominations yesterday, good luck to Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce!
Did you know that recycling your food waste could power The Two Popes on Netflix?
Discover what else you could power: www.recycleforwales.org.uk/food

Mae'n wych bod dau actor Cymreig enwebwyd ar gyfer yr Oscars, pob lwc i Anthony Hopkins a Jonathan Pryce!
Oeddech chi’n gwybod…gall ailgylchu'ch gwastraff bwyd helpu bweru 'The Two Popes' ar Netflix?
Dysgwch beth arall y gallech ei bweru: www.recycleforwales.org.uk/cy/bwyd

If you're celebrating or the old new year along with the people of the Gwaun Valley, why not use this extra opportunity to make a resolution to all you can in 2020, over 90% of us are already disposing of the correct items in the correct bin!
Find out what and how to in your area: bit.ly/2ezPP5d

Os, fel pobl y Cwm Gwaun, dych chi'n dathlu'r , pam lai defnyddio'r cyfle ychwanegol 'ma i wneud adduned Blwyddyn Newydd i popeth bod chi'n gallu, dros 90% ohonom yn rhoi'r eitemau cywir yn y bin cywir yn barod!
Dysgwch beth allwch ei ailgylchu yn eich ardal chi: bit.ly/2Esrxai

Well, we've made it through the first full week back after Christmas and it's the weekend once more.
Keep your food waste in 2020 - it could power your weekend trip to the cinema.
It's a good thing 90% of us in Wales recycle our food waste.
Discover what else you could power: www.recycleforwales.org.uk/food

Hwre! Dyn ni wedi diwedd ein llond wythnos gyntaf yn y swyddfa mewn 2020.
Parhewch ailgylchu gwastraff bwyd eleni - gall hyn bweru’ch gwibdaith i'r sinema.
Diolch byth fod 90% ohonom yng Nghymru'n ailgylchu ein gwastraff bwyd
Dysgwch beth arall y gallech ei bweru: www.recycleforwales.org.uk/cy/bwyd

"Composition analysis of litter waste in "

Sure, this looks pretty niche, but doubtless helpful to some of you. And it's the first report we've seen which uses the word 'putrescibles' 🙌

Go on, get stuck in to 90 pages of heavy analysis ♻️🚮🔍🕵️🕵️👇


A very happy birthday to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page who co-wrote the legendary Stairway to Heaven at Bron-yr-Aur in Powys 50 years ago.
Did you know that by recycling 1 banana skin, you could listen to the whole song 3 times?
Discover what else you could power: recycleforwales.org.uk/food

Pen-blwydd Hapus i Jimmy Page, ysgrifennodd e'r can 'Stairway to Heaven' yn Bron-yr-Aur hanner can blynedd yn ôl.
Oedech chi'n gwybod bod trwy ailgylchu 1 croen banana, gallech chi wrando ar y gan dair gwaith?
Dysgwch beth arall y gallech ei bweru: recycleforwales.org.uk/cy/bwyd

Did you overdo it a bit over Christmas? Will you be hitting the gym in January?
If you've dug out your old gym kit, only to find it no longer fits, find out how to dispose of it responsibly on our website: bit.ly/2VRBVAt

Dych chi wedi bwyta gormod o fwyd dros y gwyliau Nadolig? Fyddwch chi'n mynd yn ôl i'r gampfa ym mis Ionawr?
Os dych chi wedi chwilio am eich hen gêr chwaraeon ond nid yw'n ffitio mwyach, dyma sut i waredu e: bit.ly/2E1h0Rj

Did you know...shops selling more than 32kg of batteries a year have to provide battery recycling collection facilities in-store?
That's good to know after Christmas.
Visit our website for more tips: walesrecycles.org.uk

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