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Shwmae, I'm Jaz, the founder of Tŵt. I hope you enjoy your time here, please feel free to DM me with any comments or concerns. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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Heddiw, aethon am dro ar hyd llwybr sy'n newydd i ni. Mae 'na lwybr caniataol eitha’ newydd sy'n mynd i Lyn Cynwch. Felly, aeth fy ngŵr a fi i drio fo. Roedd y llwybr yn serth, ond roedd y golygfeydd yn odidog. / Today, we went for a walk along a path that is new to us. There is a fairly new permitted route that goes to Lyn Cynwch. So, my husband and I went to try it. The path was steep, but the views were magnificent.

Out for an evening of reggae music and Caribbean cooking to celebrate Jamaican Independence Day.

I don't understand athletics. Mary Moraa won the 800 in the weirdest way I have ever seen

What did you have for breakfast this morning? I had two mini pickle pork pies and a cup of freshly squeezed coffee.

It was relatively easy to install the printer on the desktop computer in the @ammanvms . It took longer to find the hidden power plug socket! for everyday work seems achievable even on GB: Libre Office, Network share, for , for Video, for browsing websites, we could even use and for cloud storage and document sharing, or for meetings,... the list can go on. What would you add?

Got a new relay up to replace the old one that ate it. Come joins us! Please boost :boosts_ok_gay:.

#relay #mastoadmin

A round of applause is due to @davey for building a good looking website and supporting Welsh!

We need more of this guys and gals, lets make cwm silicon happen.

Rhif 31 allan o 52. Mwy na hanner ffordd trwy'r flwyddyn. Y thema wythnos 'ma oedd "wy". Dw i'n licio'r wyau sy'n cael eu gwerthu yn Eurospar. Maen nhw'n wyau maes lleol. / Number 31 out of 52. More than halfway through the year. The theme this week was "egg". I like the eggs sold at Eurospar. They are local free range eggs.

I guess the only good thing about barely sleeping for the past few weeks is I'll be used to the time change. See you soon Portugal!

cy: Mae hi wedi bod yn wythnos hir. Ond, dyma sydd gen i i'w ddangos.

en: It's been a long week. But, this is what I have to show.

After a lucky Friday deployment, we have mostly complete category templates with some bi-lingual content 🎉

We're crowdfunding, please boost for visibility. 🙏

Have a good weekend folks ✌️

Sad today, really wish I could have gone to The Eisteddfod. No time 🙄

Dim amser, mor drist iawn
No time, so very sad
(Not sure if that's correct but drinking wine!)

I am feeling encouraged now David. I actually read all the info about Manjaro Linux and don't feel so nervous about giving it a try.
Looks like I need an old computer but not too old as it needs 64bit
I looked at all the images and understood a bit more than I expected to.
Would it be best to find a local person with specific experience with Linux to install it? 🤔
I have spoken to a couple of people a few years ago who did not understand what my problem is with Microsoft! 🙄


1. The kids ate their carrots and cucumber when I "sliced them thin just like ninjas do".
2. I discovered , it's an unexpected pick me up :)
3. It's nearly Friday, so i can go ahead and push a big website update to production.


I'd put this sign up even if I didn't have a dog

(Not my photo - from Reddit)

Lo-Fi Beats, Coffee and some CBD... that's my evening, not sure what else I should do?

Heddiw es i allan i'r ardd i dynnu mwyar. Mae 'na lawer o fieri yn ein gardd gefn, ond o leia’ mi fedra i wneud pasteiod efo'r ffrwyth. / Today I went out to the garden to pick berries. There are a lot of brambles in our back garden, but at least I can make pies with the fruit.

Gair y Dydd: cynghanedd Mae 'na weithdai cynghanedd bob bore am 10 ar Lwyfan y Llannerch ar faes yr Eisteddfod – rhowch gynnig ar gynganeddu, a phwy a ŵyr?

Word of the Day: cynghanedd ‘a system of consonance or alliteration in a line of poetry in strict metre and internal rhyming’: There are cynghanedd workshops every morning at 10 on 'Llwyfan y Llannerch' on the Eisteddfod field.

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