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Shwmae, I'm Jaz, the founder of Tŵt. I hope you enjoy your time here, please feel free to DM me with any comments or concerns. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

- Getting Started -

1. Fill out your profile at - Upload a photo or avatar for your account, choose whether or not to be in the directory, and use in your Bio to add your interests to the Tŵt directory.

2. Set your preferences at - choose your language options and default privacy settings.

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3. Find some friends! Click and to find people to follow. Anyone you follow will show up in your home timeline, but you can always watch the Local timeline to see everything on Tŵt.

4. Introduce yourself! Write your first post with the hashtag and tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

5. DM me @jaz with any comments or questions! More info and help can be found on our blog:

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you can send invites that contain a link for your friends to automatically follow you when they join:

The 'Manueline' window at the Convento de Cristo, Tomar.

Created between 1510 and 1513 and symbolising the Tree Of Life.

Sorry for the YT link but I am loving this.

Interpretive dance v hydraulic presses.

You can find local Mastodon instances around the world using the "Mastodon Near Me" project at:

Click on map icons to see more details about local instances.

You can add instances via the project's git at or by messaging the project's leader at @jaz

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Instances #MastodonNearMe #Regional #Local

if you run a region or locale-based server, or know of a new one, please let me know so we can add to the map at

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Morning opens
with summer's
thrum; this rain,
a stick, in search
of a drum


Jyst yn meddwl y bore ‘ma…dwi’m yn byw yng ghymru o gwbl - americanes ydw i (yn anffodus), a dwi isio’r cyfle i siarad cymraeg mwy pob dydd. Mae’n annodd i ffeindio grwpiau ar lein sy’n ffocysu ar ddefnyddio’r iaith, neu bobl sydd isio siarad hi. Dwi’m yn siwr beth i wneud.

Det moderna skogsbruket

"Clear cut forest"
The modern forestry

A speedpaint of sorts.

Drawing progress, prints and full res:

#art #MastoArt

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @tenacity - Free open privacy-friendly audio editor, forked from Audacity

🌟 @headswap - Random combinations of video game characters

🌟 @MiseryPath - Death metal musician from Germany

🌟 @nathansalapat - In-depth videos about @Minetest, the FOSS alternative to Minecraft

🌟 & - Professional clown and theatrical performer

🌟 @darktable - Free open photography app, Libre alternative to Adobe LightRoom

Are you looking for people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

Click below for a directory of hundreds of recommended follows organised into 50 topics:


(If a category has several pages of follows, click "show older" at the bottom to see the next page.)

This is just a tiny fraction of accounts on here, but hopefully it will give people's timelines a good start.

Please do share this with anyone you think might benefit, for example people new to the Fediverse.

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"Sunny Afternoon - Mono Mix" by The Kinks from the album "Face to Face (Deluxe Edition)" (1966)

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