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Shwmae, I'm Jaz, the founder of Tŵt. I hope you enjoy your time here, please feel free to DM me with any comments or concerns. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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1. Fill out your profile at - Upload a photo or avatar for your account, choose whether or not to be in the directory, and use in your Bio to add your interests to the Tŵt directory.

2. Set your preferences at - choose your language options and default privacy settings.

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3. Find some friends! Click and to find people to follow. Anyone you follow will show up in your home timeline, but you can always watch the Local timeline to see everything on Tŵt.

4. Introduce yourself! Write your first post with the hashtag and tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

5. DM me @jaz with any comments or questions! More info and help can be found on our blog:

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you can send invites that contain a link for your friends to automatically follow you when they join:

<<RT @sianharries_: In a cafe in West Wales where a woman passes our table, does an authentic double take, Rhod thinks ‘oh here we go, she’s going to want a selfie’, she stops and goes ‘How much jam is in that donut???!’ and walks off>>

The Nasir-ol-molk Mosque is a stunning place in Shiraz, Iran. Built in the late 19th century with a traditional five concaved design, it's decorated with lots of stained glass. The huge number of pink tiles in its interior design sometimes earn it the nickname of The Pink Mosque.

A blend of arabic and western aesthetics, the mosque has a design distinct from the traditional Persian style, with many colourful floral patterns rather than the turquoise geometric shapes seen elsewhere.

A friend of mine recently described the human body as a "forest of horrors" and I feel like that's fairly accurate

After witnessing the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor Terry Farago rebuilt her life in . Today, on , we remember all those who perished during one of the darkest hours in human history @HMD_UK

Gair y Dydd: cymuned – stryd fawr wedi ei henwi’r orau ym Mhrydain ac ennill clod am ei chymuned.

Word of the Day: cymuned 'community': 's High Street has been named the best in Britain, winning praise for its thriving community.

Been cooking up a storm today. 1st up is lunch - roasted aubergine with honey and miso and a side of couscous.

Has anyone played TemTem? I'm wondering how essential the multiplayer component is - is it still playable if you don't interact or party or do anything with other people?

The best reason to learn a language should be to make cross-language jokes.

‪Gower Gold. Sunshine from back home! / Heulwen o nol gartre! 🍺 ☀️ @GowerBrewery

My friend's got this book project on Unbound; - it's a study of cities in videogames. If you like videogames, urban planning, and maps, it's probably your kinda thing. :D

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

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