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Shwmae, I'm Jaz, the founder of Tŵt. I hope you enjoy your time here, please feel free to DM me with any comments or concerns. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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They've now joined Masto after very little convincing :D @roguebxtch

Give 'em a follow - really good YT and Twitch content that goes into some of the politics behind videogaming with intelligent and sassy takes. Also follow because they're new and they're my friend. So there. :P

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When the kids want pumpkins...but you end up having to carve all of them.... And Starbucks has the nerve to tell you.. pumpkin spice lattes are now gone as it’s not the season anymore..... I beg to differ MR Starbucks! I have enough sodding pumpkin insides to give you mate!!! 🎃🎃


Today is #InternetDay… To mark this auspicious occasion, here’s David Bowie speaking to Jeremy Paxman in 1999 about the "unimaginable" effects on society it was going to have.


I've been drafted in to officiate a wedding this weekend, the couple couldn't get a church, chapel or synagogue nor anyone to perform the ceremony at a hotel so I'll be dusting off my ministerial credentials and probably less reachable till Sunday. It's a socially-distanced, masked-up, indoor/outdoor weeding and the rain is lashing down. This should be fun!

This evening I fixed a clock made by my grandfather and repaired my thermostat. These tasks would probably be considered tasks for men/boys. But teach the skills to your daughters too. We also need to know them. I'm lucky that my parents set me up to be able to do (at least attempt) things myself.

Top surface of an old copper water tank. This was recently decommissioned from my house in a boiler replacement.

Jaco Pastorius at the Montreal Jazz festival, back in the day when it was an actual Jazz festival...

The Turkish Exorcist movie subtitled by Lucien Greaves...

I need this in my life.

Well hot dang. Being an Internet Boomer I needed to force full URLs to always show in Chrome. Instructions said to right click the address bar and select "always show full URLs".

I'm pretty sure I have never right clicked the address bar before.

I. Had. No. Idea.

Another professional development class. They are playing "The Monster Mash" during the break. It's probably not appropriate to post this joke, right? I cracks me up every year.

Gair y Dydd: curlaw – dyna sydd yn rhagolygon y tywydd am beth amser.

Word of the Day: curlaw 'driving or pelting rain': – this is what we can expect for the next few days according to the weather forecasts. From 'curo' ('to beat, strike') and 'glaw' ('rain').

Today's deaths show the highest figure reported in one day since 9th April. Doubtless there was an element of a backlog, probably from the weekend, but that does not alter the fact that it's a shocking figure.
The 7-day average deaths is now 13.0 - the highest since 11th May (and that is a fair comparison).
I hope those politicians who even today are questioning the strictness of the lockdown realise that their words will likely cost lives. I fear they may not care.

There were 1414 cases reported today - the highest so far, with RhCT regaining top position with a shocking 276 cases.
276: RhCT
170: Cardiff
127: Swansea
119: Caerffili

10: Gwynedd
4: Penfro
3: Ceredigion

47: Powys (what nutter wanted them exempt from lockdown? - yes, it was a tory)

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