Celtic Christianity: History of seat of learning revealed

My home town of Llanilltud Fawr

The figures have certainly been doing odd things lately. Two days ago, 7 deaths were recorded. Yesterday, 1, then today, 0.
The number of new cases today is 26; this figure is on the rise again, having been in the teens for a while.
It's strange, for sure.
7-day average deaths: 2.0 (that's the equal lowest for a week)
Total: 1579

I'm a 12 week.old kitten who loves to play and explore. Here I am finding out about a new garden arbour!

"A Dutch public broadcaster got rid of targeted digital ads—and its revenues went up" 

"the main Dutch public broadcaster… found that ads served to users who opted out of cookies were bringing in as much or more money as ads served to users who opted in."

"The results were so strong that as of January 2020, NPO simply got rid of advertising cookies altogether…"


What are some of your favorite songs with lyrics in languages other than English?

(Boosts appreciated.)

@ScottMortimer another fundamental difference is snap isn't actually fully open source. The server component is proprietary. I had no idea until recently, and have lost interest in snap since.

It's slightly disappointing to see 2 deaths today in the official figures, though as Wednesdays (along with Tuesdays) normally see higher totals, it is not a surprise, given the figures of the past week; cf 5 last Wednesday. So we are on a downward trend again.
On the bright side, the number of new cases is down to 14.

7-day average: 2.0
Total: 1568

"NSA warns that mobile device location services constantly compromise snoops and soldiers.

"It might be best not to ask how the NSA knows this and why it advises most mitigations don’t help."


After such bizarre figures recently, 1 death today (Tuesday and Wednesday are traditional days for a bounce-back after low weekend reporting) is a bit of a relief.
The number of new cases (22) also appears to be on the decline now, after a mixed period.
Total: 1566
7-day average: 2.43 (I expect this to fall a lot over the next few days)

The official figures show 0 deaths in Wales in the 24 hours to 7am this morning. These are Sunday's figures, so that's not an especially encouraging figure, though clearly it's good when compared to the extraordinary (and still, as far as I can tell, unexplained) figures of the past five days.
Total: 1565
7-day Average: 2.29 (cf 0.29 a week ago)
Govt assures us figures are still going down and that test-trace-isolate in Wales is being very effective.
Time will tell.

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