"Prime Minister opened his speech saying “pnawn da blodyn” (good afternoon flower) saying it was how he had just hailed a female BBC journalist."

That's appropriate, is it?


"Welshness don’t belong exclusively to Labour"

- Andrew R.T. Davies, reported today.

Also Andrew R.T. Davies, today:

"[money] should go straight to Network Rail rather than the Welsh Government which would 'squander and fritter it'."



"The method has been developed in collaboration with Airbus and takes advantage of technological advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning,"

Visions here of an aircraft receiving an unusual (but authentic) command mid flight, say, in an emergency, and deciding not to respond to it because it flags it as malicious.


I'm relatively new here and am looking for more women in tech to follow. Any suggestions? I realise this is a strange thing to post given how few people follow me, but you have to start somewhere, right?

I should be using #hashtags more it would seem so here are some useful ones for me: i'm a #woman in #tech #technology and an adovocate for #womenintech yes that is #allwomen in #computing. I work in #robotics, #computervision and I #teach #infosec #informationsecurity I #program mostly in #python these days and like #opensource #linux (currently running #mint on desktops/laptops and stock #android on a #fairphone ). I also like #hiking #jogging #running #parkrun #painting #writing #reading

If anyone wants to hear me witter on in Welsh tomorrow talking about growing up in the valleys ( I think so anyway, not sure what they'll be asking me yet 😊 ) then you can tune in from this link. I'll be on sometime between 2 and 3. But I must warn you my Welsh isn't great so I'm quite likely to make a complete fool of myself!

RT @EmporersNewC@twitter.com

For those saying "We should wait to judge Brexit, we're going to do trade deals with the world", remember that, with the new trade deal, we're struggling to sell to our own people in our own country.

And it's the most advanced trade deal we have.

:baner: Noswaith dda pawb, dw i eisiau cartwnau teledu yn Cymraeg i'r blantos.
youtube only has a couple of episodes of Peppa a Sam Tân. Netflix dim byd.
Please help! :baner:

I made some diagrams to show how annoying it is for disabled people with #Machynlleth @CoopUK@twitter.com's front doors closed.

Sign the petition here to support pedestrian residents who are elderly, disabled, or parents: change.org/MachCoopFrontDoor

How on earth did someone like this manage to even get near a microphone, and a position of influence?

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