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Hello! I am a fibre artist living near Aberystwyth. I am learning to speak Welsh (slowly!). I have cats, hens and ducks. I enjoy working on my mountainside garden.

The ArTist - Erik JOHANSSON is a surreal photographer from #Sweden, based in #Prague, but working all around the world. He tests the boundaries between what is real and fiction. - Titles: Land fall / Arms break... Go your own road/ A place like home / The cover up/ - - #ericjohansson #photography #fotografie #art #streetart #mastoart #unreal #NatureArt #natur

Got a good photo of Benny The Bear earlier. Picture of a ginger and white cat with his head cocked and looking down

Uiiii 🤗 News vom Duo:
Artist: #sourati (Christina Laube/ Mehrdad Zaeri) - in City: #Mannheim , Germany 🇩🇪 Title : "We are sourati" - #streetart #mastoart #graffiti #stadtwandkunst #art #mural #mastodon #Elefant

Lovely walk yesterday along Ynyslas Beach. Photos show sand and sea and the view across the estuary to Aberdyfi.

Mae hi wedi bod yn brofiad, ac yn bleser. Nawr, does dim byd i wneud, ond PLEIDLEISIO!
It's been an experience, and a pleasure. Now, there's nothing left to do, but VOTE!

Time to share some of my work I think. I make all kinds of needle felt and sculpture. From simple flowers to large rainbow roosters. Below 1. Rose bud broaches. 2. Needle cushion in a teacup. 3. 2D picture (an interpretation of the valley I live in) 3. Miniature duck wearing wellies (no one sane attempts duck feet that small using fluff!)

#Poll #Food #Environment #Climate
Many folks here are climate activists, thus probably very much aware of the impacts of their food choices on 🌎. But still, do you generally find it easy to eat sustainably? If not, feel free to share why by replying to this post!

A few things blooming in the garden. The Peach rose was planted in memory of my beloved one eyed cat Peaches. The lilac is looking good this year. The Wisteria grows up a pollarded Silver Birch. Don’t know what the tiny bright blue flowers are but the colour is intense.

Photo 1 Benny The Bear Ginger and White cat in long grass looking directly at the camera 2. Beaniez a very old Torty on an equally old bench.

I only went down the to empty some compost. 1 hour later I was still sitting on the old bench. photos 1. close up of a bumble bee on my garden glove. 2. Henrietta the red . 3.Benny the ginger in a patch of daisies 4. The Gunnera plant growing.

Fascinating website on air pollution. Put in my current postcode here in Cambrian Mountains- 1st percentile (phew!)
Previous address in Bucks 81st percentile! Previous address to that in Bristol was 64th percentile. So Bristol was actually cleaner than rural Bucks! Who knew.

Benny The Bear. Blissed out and showing off his floofs! Picture shows a large bellied ginger cat lying upside down complete with bunny paws.

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