A big welcome to our new friends from . Glad to have you here folks.

I've been thinking about decoupling my @ChrisWere account from my Twitter account.

Thanks to Nitter.net people can subscribe to my Twitter feed via RSS without having to sign up for a Twitter account, so a mirror isn't really necessary.

But also, the #Fediverse has a whole different spirit to Twitter, so bridging accounts doesn't feel right.

TIL Marina and the Diamonds is from Gwent (in Wales). Woot!

I will start my move off from Twitter.. took me too long (sorry, Gargron).

I will be doing a drawing per day for 2020, while listening to an album/ep/single I've not heard before. I will post them first to Masto (but probably also some other platforms).

If you have any suggestions for albums you can post them here. I like jazz, hiphop, rap, grime, r&b.

Bless you 😘

🇯🇵 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Match Thread

Please keep all scores in CW in case people are planning on watching replay later.

This is the big one! Possibly one of Scotland's biggest games in quite some time. McInally has been relegated to the bench, and both back rows are going to be interesting to watch.

This is of course Japan's biggest game too, this game can secure passage to the knockout phase for the first time.

Settle in for a dust-up!

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