Our Streamer, Sin, thinks she's a bad-ass.


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People who just shoot the breeze here in the and don't care about social network clout are my kinda folks!

Greggs in has unexpectedly closed and the public are not responding well.

This morning I went to a popular #coffee chain and ordered a coffee and they asked all the usual questions including my name so they could write it on the cup.

“Matt”, I answered. She replied “And is that with two T’s?”

“No teas. Just the coffee thanks!”, I quipped.

And there was NO REACTION :lol_fb:

So after a brief awkward pause I just said "Yes, two Ts"

:coffee_fb: :coffee_fb: :coffee_fb:

Clearly not a fan of #dadjokes.

Dan Biggar Set To Miss Remainder Of Six Nations
Dan Biggar is set to miss the rest of the Six Nations and may struggle to return this season after suffering a knee injury playing for Northampton.

The injury was initially described as “not serious” by Saints coach Chris Boyd, but club sources have since admitted that Biggar has sustained significant damage and will be sidelined for “several we


I'm sitting on my bed listening to Huey Lewis and the News like an 80s teenager. lol

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