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Came across this whopper walking the on Halley beach here in yesterday. Glad I didnt bump into it whilst the day before!

Is Judge Dredd ethos soon to become a reality on our streets?

Reports now saying that an asylum seeker staying in army camp has been arrested on suspicion of arson and criminal damages on the camp.

A day of playing Destiny 2 on the Xbox it is then

Comes to something when the dog does a runner from his own arse.

Alarming how many in shops in are not wearing their face cloth properly and and getting shitty with everyone around them

There is a protest at 11:00. Just hope both sides behave themselves.

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The sun has come out to play. Got to love these micro climates

Just had an amazing breakfast bap from Daps Baps near the roundabout in Neyland

It’s basically Tories and Labour squabbling in a village / area they don’t come from and have no business being there. As bad as each other

Looks like it’s going to be fun n games tomorrow on over the refugees

Security has been upped in to prevent folk from lockdown areas from accessing their holiday destinations.

24hr Security has been implemented in various businesses around Tenby and Penally. Due to the Penally camp refugees being in the area

Been ready for decades. What’s going on in England?

Starting a Sunday off with my dog having a cuddle is an amazing feeling.

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I've been out and about all week doing kitty things. Here I am exhausted after playtime outdoors love Tali X

Get as much gym in now as possible as it’s going to close again soon by all accounts.

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