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If restrictions are in place for people from Rhondda Cynon Taf, then how come they are still allowed to holiday in Tenby? They’re everywhere

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Is Trump a dictator or a spoilt child. Tik Tok the fastest growing social media that is Chinese. Trump demands they sell to the USA are get banned.

Start of a 4 week holiday and not going anywhere. First holiday since going to Ibiza in 1991.

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It’s always been said the Tories are Nazi bastards. Getting folk to grass on each other. Third Reich is alive n well.

A large crowd had gathered outside Penally army camp to protest about the refugees that are coming there.

The momentum for an independent Wales is gaining traction.

Penally camp in Tenby is to have protests outside tonight to vent their anger on the decision to turn it into a holding place for refugees.

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