Staying with friends the last few days I'm here. It always seems like a good idea until I realise that I now have to think of things to talk about. I don't want to.

On my hike today there was a pen with some geese in it. They were merrily chatting away. I stopped and said hello to them. They immediately stopped chatting. I apologized and kept walking.

Totally interrupted a goose meeting.

Hasn't been able to travel for two years...leaves the country three times this year.

Hello again, Faroe Islands.

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It's Monday and it's a new week

Maybe you can make a safe space for someone in it

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tl;dr: if your meds are helping then keep taking them, if they don’t then ask about safe ways switch or stop, and do get help if you’re suffering from depression

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I guess the only good thing about barely sleeping for the past few weeks is I'll be used to the time change. See you soon Portugal!

And this is the exact reason why I never wear nice clothes to work.

Ha! The never ending Easter egg hunt continues. About 2015/2016 a colleague hid 10 Easter eggs in the collection. (smartly not hiding food) She forgot where she hid all of them and for years we've been finding them.

How you know you're in Canada:

It's 10:45pm. People are walking down the street and the moment they get loud, they start shushing each other.

US supreme court decision. 

I do not have the words to express my rage.

While napping on the couch I ended up stabbing my foot with a very sharp pair of scissors. Because of course I would.

A friend is having a party this evening. I just found out she's fostering ducklings. I get to go hang out with ducklings! Look how cute they are!

Can we take a moment to appreciate this wallpaper.

Growing up my sister had a set of dinosaur sheets. Cute, cartoon dinosaurs. I loved them. Of course she's never let me borrow them. So when she went to college it was a free for all with the sheets. My parents still have them and when I go to their house I still use them. Just don't tell my sister, she'll get made at me.

Anyway, today I got tiny dinosaur tattoos so now she can never take them from me. That's how it works, right?

I just impulse bought a ticket to the Faroe Islands.

Should I have? Probably not.

Will I regret going back? Absolutely not.

Fleet week is back. The sailors are here, time once again for the 7th annual Fleet Week Scavenger Hunt!

Any other ways to explain that there are two separate forms with two different policies? Because I'm running out of ways to explain it after trying four times...

Thanks restaurant people for providing a paper straw in which to drink my horchata, but giving it to me in a styrofoam cup seems to be a bit contradictory...

Some of the best parts of my job are finding things like this in the collection.

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