I'm one of those weird people who notices when it hasn't rained for too long and don't notice that it has been raining for a week. It's been too long since it rained and it's going to rain tonight. I can't wait.

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nyc people - @exquisitecorp (others i am not sure about? feel free to tag)

are you aware of any studio spaces that have openings? i am losing my mind working in my room and really need a second place - listingsproject is good but just cold emailing and doing the research is such a project. will also ask around recurse center

I love it when the local shop has the good cheese.

All this talk of fear while hiding under desks, hearing gun shots and glass smashing. Now that you have experienced it, now will you finally take action to prevent school children from experiencing the same?

I'm carrying a pillow down the street. People are looking at me weird. Come on folks, we all know this isn't the weirdest thing you've seen being carried down a city street.

Overheard years ago on the subway. A young girl, perhaps 9 or 10 and her mother. Girl says to mom "he sees you when you're sleeping? He knows when you're awake? Mom, that's a stalker."

Nadolig llawen.

How does one politely tell their mother that they do not care what is going on on her Facebook page and to please stop showing me everything?

The last time I said I didn't really care/have an opinion didn't seem to go over well. She was asking what vase the flowers looked best in. I was neutral on the topic and said so.

So I have lost power in half of my apartment?

Work is having a virtual holiday party now. Since we're allowed to drink at the party, does this mean I can start drinking?

Three days of negative low tides here, it was sunny and warm enough to walk without a coat. Tomorrow on the other hand will be cold and rainy.

But today's beach theme was fall decorations.

Just watched city trash collectors learn exactly how heavy a bale of hay is. It took the two of them to toss it into the truck.

I actually had to wear dress pants today. For the first time since mid March. It was weird.

Fortunately they still fit.

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the #ASL word for "trans" is the same morpheme as "beautiful" but signed over your heart, where you'd sign self 😭

(image/caption: via carodoodles on birdsite: twitter.com/carodoodles/status )

Just had a phone interview for a dog. Once step closer to adopting a pup! Go to meet the little guy on Monday.

On this day in 1915, my great great uncle (my great grandmother's brother) Sgt. Harry Owen was killed in action in Ypres. According to a war diary: "30 November; Party went to YPRES to collect rubble. On the way out of the town, one Sgt. was killed and 9 men wounded by the explosion of a shell and 5 horses and one pony also killed."

It shouldn't just be one day a year. Shopping at local businesses really make an impact.

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Shameless small business plug 

It is gift giving time, and my daughter has asked me to point the fediverse at her etsy.

She makes custom order embroidery items, and hand makes shirts at an alarming rate!

She put some new holiday designs up.


10 recipes and 2 dozen sticks of butter later and the great cookie marathon of 2020 is over. Except for the Welsh Cakes. You make them once for your colleagues and that's all the ever want. But right now it's nap time.

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