Any other ways to explain that there are two separate forms with two different policies? Because I'm running out of ways to explain it after trying four times...

Thanks restaurant people for providing a paper straw in which to drink my horchata, but giving it to me in a styrofoam cup seems to be a bit contradictory...

Some of the best parts of my job are finding things like this in the collection.

Fortunately it only went until 11pm the last night. Unfortunately approximately 20 people got covid by then. I tested positive Saturday. So some quarantine reading.

Finished Black Cake and really enjoyed it. Now working on Guns, Germs, and Steel and Why Fish Don't Exist. Send recommendations!

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We've already decided to go an hour later tonight. Talk of starting an hour earlier tomorrow...

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So our annual conference is here. The schedule is from 9am -9:30 pm every day for the next three days. reality we always go over. Who wants to guess how many hours I'll be working over Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?

To help you out: last year we went until 2:30am Friday night/Saturday morning. The year before wasn't as late, but close to midnight.

Walking along Central Park on a quiet, sunny morning. The quiet breaks with a shout of "fuck you!" as I step around a used condom.

Ahh, New York.

Alright computer, no need to get that dramatic about things.

Anyone else get mad at long dead people because they never dated their correspondence?!? No? Just me?

I have an appointment for a massage booked for 10:30 next saturday. Owner texts me asking I can do 11. Sure. Confirmation email says 12. I text saying this and wanting to clarify the appointment time. He says disregard the confirmation email and a new one will be sent, but the appointment time is 11. New confirmation email says 10:45. 🤦

I got up to get a tissue but turned on a lamp instead. Same thing, right?

Anti trans legislation 

How is accepting your child for who they are a crime? That's good parenting. I'm not trans, but I don't always feel female. What does it mean to feel female? I don't necessarily feel male. I've never told my parent this. I know it would in no way affect how they see me. It would never change their love for me. My parents have never tried to change me. (Or maybe my dad has tried but I'm way too stubborn) Point is, this legislation is appalling and they should be ashamed.

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Anti trans legislation 

I can't believe that this is happening. Not only can parents not support their children, but in Idaho they can't move out of state to then seek out gender affirming care. This is so utterly and completely wrong. I'm outraged. Why aren't more people in my circle upset about this?!?

Death, body parts. 

Headline: Box of human heads stolen from a truck.

I...I have a few questions...

Why exactly is my state starting to repair potholes next week? Last I checked potholes are created by water freezing and unfreezing in the road surface. And last I checked it still goes below freezing in March.

Box was moved a day after. But look what has appeared again...

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File under: things I don't understand.

This box has been sitting in the hallway for three days. My neighbor has walked past it at least 5 times, including once to take the trash out. Where does cardboard go? Right next to the trash. Want to be lazy? Go for it. But then leave it in your apt, not in the hallway blocking the stairs to the emergency exit.

Oh why has elephant feet next door decide to start wearing heavy shoes? Just when you thought her footsteps couldn't get heavier and louder.

I only have 8 working days left for 2021.

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