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I see this right after reading a story about the Republican governor of my state trying to ram through the Republican legislature a law that would make what he did perfectly legal. SMH.

A Trump supporter attempted to run over peaceful protestors in Louisville. They then pulled out a gun and threatened to kill them.

Twitter please help me identify this man!

@LMPD @louisvillemayor

My friend just reminded me, 4 years ago today I was drinking and doing shots with Bill Murray. That was an incredible night.

Hmmm....I wonder what this bottle once held. I guess we'll never know.

Another lackluster date, but time spent with my girl Madame X. I've, very flatteringly, been told I look like her. I don't actually think that's true. But I'm okay with thinking it. I think someone saw my pale skin and prominent nose in profile and jumped to this.

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From now until 12/1, dont believe anything - ANYTHING - you see on social media unless you know the person offline, or you are certain who it is and can point the person out in a crowd. Do not let the Russians trick you into believing garbage. Do not trust ANYTHING on Facebook.

My gas company sent me a scratch and sniff pamphlet to teach people what a gas leak smells like. Being a child of 80s/90s I get super excited about scratch and sniff. (The USPS should totally make more scratch and sniff stamps, they were amazing.)

I open it, scratch, and take a big whiff. They nailed the smell. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to sniff that hard. It wasn't. I regret that life choice. Learn from my mistakes.

You know what I won't miss about my apartment? Elephant feet and Sir stops a lot downstairs. The house is old, built in 1840, but I'll never understand how people so small can shake my apartment when they walk across hers. Below me.

The continuing adventures of online dating.

A. Comes off as patronizing.
2. Thank you for telling me so early (three messages in) that you don't care about anyone but yourself.
C. Punctuation use is super sexy.


This evening's beach walk was a quick and not overly fruitful one. Misread the tide chart. 7pm was high tide, not low. Nonetheless, there were still plenty of oranges to be found. And a beached whale. I could not save it...

Work is happening on the roof of a house across the street. They have been pulling materials up via a rope all day. Lunch just arrived.

Part 20:

Lease received. A section was left blank, waiting for realtor to reply. Feel like I'm signing my life away.

Current landlord just called asking if I've thought about staying until spring. I say I'm not. He asks if there is anything he can do, knock a couple of hundred dollars off... It's not about the money. It's just time.

SDS part 16, final part.

So the end probably took a direction you were not expecting, but that's the story of me being asked to be a sugar baby.

On to the next, hopefully, not creepy guy. 🤞

SDS part 15

I am still learning and growing as a person. I'm very giving to my partner, always putting them first before any of my own needs. Working with my therapist in trying to work at being okay with also getting what I need in a relationship. So I felt very strange that even though I did not want what he did, I also wanted to put his feelings and needs first. I don't feel like I should have felt that way.

SDS part 14

It felt rude to not even say no. But I've had many people just stop replying. I had to ask my girlfriend to confirm that it was okay to not reply. I don't know why I felt this conflict but I did.

She confirmed that it is okay to stop replying and block someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. So while on one hand it's easy for me to do so some times other times it just feels rude.

SDS part 13

I say can I think about it, knowing the answer was no. He's says yes. This is Sunday.

Monday he texts me. I sparsely reply.

Tuesday nothing.

Wednesday he texts me. I reply once and then don't answer.

Thursday he calls and texts and I don't answer at all.

Friday he asks me out again.

I kind of thought he'd get the message that I don't want to see him but I guess not. While I know I should just say no thank you, it feels weird and I don't want to talk to him.

SDS part 12

Frankly, how do I even know anything he says is true? What proof do I have that he actually has millions? He wanted me to quit my job so I could spend all my time with him. I love my job. I don't want to quit. And he really just came across as a terrible person.

My friend asked how much could I get for a week? I said I didn't even think I could last that long. He wasn't that good looking to be that arrogant.

SDS part 11

Now I feel like I'm pretty open when it comes to a lot of things. But we all have our limits. I'm not going to lie, the $350,000 a month I could have made was tempting. I'd stock it away and be able to retire. However, this is not for me. If both parties are consenting then I have no problem with this. He said I'd be able to get out at any time. But this type of relationship is not what I'm looking for in my life.

Sexually explicit 

SDS part 10

He has three other fetishes that aren't totally crazy or out there, except for the one where he has a fantasy of having sex with a woman while they are getting a tattoo.


Sexually explicit 

SDS part 9

I'm sure I'm missing something crazy and will have to add it in later but it was this that he lays out what he's looking for. He asks if I know what arrangement dating is. He explains that basically he will pay me to hang out with him and also to have sex with him. He said that there have been other women in the past, who were very smart, and it's a fetish of his. He can't get off unless he knows that money will be exchanged.

SDS part 8

All this time I'm getting the sense that he's not really interested in me. He's not asking about me, when he does ask me a question he cuts me off and talks about something totally different, preferring to talk about himself or telling me why I'm wrong about things. I'd chalk it up to being nervous but I'm just getting annoyed. The majority of what he says are things I disagree with. He seems very full of himself.

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