Here's why I do not play soccer (football):

Went for a quick walk after work. It's our conference week at work so I'll be working from 8am to at least 9pm each day, plus Saturday and Sunday. A woman and kid were kicking a soccer ball on the sidewalk. The woman kicks it and it passes the kid and comes at me. I kick it back to the kid. Miss him completely. I hit the bumper of one car and then bounces off and hits the bumper of another car. Ooops.

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The best part of attending an 8 year old's birthday party virtually is realizing you can turn the volume down. How I wish I could do this in real life.

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Dawn in the savannah. Photos by Oliver Nicklin, Dustin Wray and Rakesh Shanker.


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When people with disabilities speak up and ask questions, people get uncomfortable and show us the door. Especially when we're asking questions like "why did you build this thing to help people with disabilities without involving anyone with a disability?"

Empathy is great and all, but it requires understanding. And you can't get to understanding without engaging people as peers and whole individuals.


Half way there! (Whoa oh living on a prayer! Come on, I'm from NJ. I jave two jersey related tattoos and one Bon Jovi related one. I can't say half way there without finishing it. Just like I can't say orangutans with out saying breakfast cereals.

There's many things I miss about life in New York. Sharing a subway car with a guy rolling a massive joint, lighting it, and then drinking some sort of alcohol at 9 am isn't one of those things.

Random thoughts brought to you by insomnia:

Now that I have hardwood floors, I have a new respect for bed skirts. I always thought they were weird and didn't have a purpose. But I have to say that I'm impressed with how much dust they prevent from going under my bed.

Continuing my octopus obsession, I just purchased this rug.

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A hour and a half ago I got sucked into a documentary about the Korean war. And now I need to read a lot more about this, which is odd because I'm not usually a fan of military or modern history. But my curiosity always wins.

Met with my therapist this week. I mentioned I've been feeling depressed at our last session. He's taking it seriously but didn't get too concerned until I told him that until recently I hadn't been reading. He knows I usually read about 100 books a year so somehow this tipped him off to my depression level.

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A video shot by’ shows the petrified remains of an ancient forest along the coast in also known as the Sunken Kingdom or Cantre'r Gwaelod. A lovely reminder of the pub we used to call home cc

Why not? Curry makes a great breakfast. Says the person eating a chicken salad sandwich at 8:20 am.

Myffins gyda cennin a caws.

I was super happy when I read the recipe name and recognized all the words!

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