On today's episode of you're crazy or you're not crazy....

Work gives us laptops. Work does not give us any type of bag in which to protect said laptop. But we are told we need to put it in something to protect it.

Am I crazy for thinking that this isn't my property so why should I spend my money to protect it? It's the organizations property so shouldn't they provide us with a bag?

Am I crazy? Or am I not crazy?

You're telling me you don't carry around this much junk?

Anyone want to guess how many receipts I have?

How many people does it take to reset a password? Apparently at least 4. Myself, my boss, customer service, and our IT person.

I would have let these grow more but it got a bit too cold one night and the plants are dying.

Why do I have Free Bird stuck in my head?

Watching the NYC marathon. The wheelchair runners started at 8am. Why haven't we seen them since they started? There are racers actually running, but instead we're seeing human interest stories and the weather. The wheelchair racers deserve just as much attention as the other racers will receive.

I always love it when someone throws their elbow into your stomach because they walked right into you at the last moment even though you're walking all the way over to the right and can't move over more because you can't walk through walls. I'll work on my wall walking skills and my telepathy so the next time I'll know that you'll b e deciding to do that.


Don't be a dick.

Pro tip: do not drop an exhibit case on your fingers. Or get your shirt stuck in it in the first place and then have to get yourself unstuck and then drop it on your fingers. None of it I would recommend.

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I saw a gyno about getting my tubes tied and she said that I was still too young and that I would need my husbands permission before even considering it.

My husband went in to get a vasectomy and he had an appt booked that day, no questions asked.

Do you see the issue here?

I keep hitting pay walls. If anyone has access and can get me this article, it would be appreciated.

"On Making Oral Histories More Accessible to Person with Hearing Loss."
The Oral History Review
Vol. 40, 2013 issue 1. Pages 67-74.


You know what worries and baffles me? The number of people I see wearing scrubs in public who can't wear their mask over their mouth and nose. Or just not wearing one at all. If you're wearing scrubs, it's logical to me that you work in health care. So...do they not know better? Or do they not care?

My colleague and I used to have a pretty serious fruit exchange going on before the office was shut down. I come into the office today to find two donut peaches waiting for me. It made me very happy.

I'm laying on my couch, listening to the thunder and rain. I love thunderstorms for themselves but also because the city becomes extra quiet with fewer people out on the streets.

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The efficacy of the vaccines even in delta-variant heavy areas is truly astounding! And these are *cases* not hospitalizations or even deaths, which are also drastically better results among vaccinated. Everyone *please* get vaccinated ASAP. vox.com/22602039/break…

Dear Brain,

I appreciate you wanting to process recent events. However, is there any possible way you could not do it at 3am?


Standing in a clothing store waiting for someone. At least 5 people have come in not having a mask with them. How, this far into the pandemic, do you not have a mask at all times?

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