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So...I requested items from our warehouse for the archival collection. They messed up the order 2 out of 2 times. I contacted the person who manages this and their reply, mistakes happen. Sure, of course they do. But so far they have a 100% fail rate. We're okay with this for the regular customers, you know the ones that pay us? Because that's kind of how it's coming across.

And then I got a piece of metal embedded in my finger. They had to go get tweezers for me.

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Taking a class on making archival boxes so I can learn how to construct them for work and thus properly protect our more fragile books. I've taken all my book binding classes here and have sliced my fingers a number of times but this is a first. I cut my hand before the class event started. And on the edge of my metal ruler.

One of these days I'll learn to not wear my these are for being in public shoes to go mudlarking. I say hopefully, but in reality I probably won't learn that.

How not to reply to a professional email, in general, but specifically to someone you've never met.

I'm hoping the person went to type my name and somehow it autocorrected to that.

I have to tell myself that the limbs came down with the tropical storm last week. My heart can't bear the idea that they would voluntarily cut it down.

Half a tree is better than no tree, but still.

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Already not happy about having to go outside today only to discover this tragedy out my back window. Why? Why? The poor tree. Also, why would you cut down all your and my shade? I would have come down and helped clean up the leaves! I'm going too miss seeing the birds in the limbs.

So if the flight took off I'd be landing about now. Did I make it home?

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But meanwhile the united app says this:

No mention of the aircraft issues. So what's the problem then United? Overall they haven't been very transparent these past 26 and counting hours.

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And now there is an issue with the maintenance paper work.

I'm pretty sure the captain is the captain I had yesterday too. It's a female sounding voice, and that isn't too common. But it also sounds familiar. But I'm not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one.

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And who designed these airline seats? Because my back does not bend that way at all.

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On the plane but apparently there are two or three things that aren't fixed and something that means we'll have to do something on take off that'll mean a longer take off? Really?

And I had to deal with two oblivious bros. I'm really about out of patience.

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We have a plane. But there is some issue they are looking at. There was a mechanical issue which delayed this plane from taking off in the first place which is why it was late getting it.

Normally random things happen to me. But never this many things on one trip.

It's 11:30 mountain time. I've officially been trying to get home for 24 hours.

Good job small human for sneezing into your elbow. Most adults can manage that.

Oh and the pilots said they tried to get a bus to get us to denver, but apparently united didn't think that was a good idea for us.

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