How to Learn a New Language, our Mom’s Favorite Reads interview with Aron Jones founder of the language learning website

@davidoclubb thank you for your comments and warm welcome. I’m still learning about this platform and trying to find my way around. I like the look of it 🙂

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Hello, I’m the author of the Sam Smith Mystery Series, the Ann’s War Mystery Series and Saving Grace, all set in Wales and #1 bestsellers on the Amazon charts.

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The independent social network for Wales, the Welsh, and everyone else! | Y rhwydwaith cymdeithasol annibynnol i Gymru. Tŵt is the social media network that puts YOU in charge. No data mining, no silly ads. Your Wales, your voice, join today! Tŵt yw’r rhwydwaith gymdeithasol sy’n rhoi rheolaeth i TI. Dim cloddio data, dim hysbysebion twp. Dy Gymru, dy lais, ymuna heddiw!