We've had Bowie just over 7 days, so we are getting to know him and showing him new experiences. Went to Mottisfont Abbey ( can't wait to go to Dyffryn Gardens such a lovely place)to the rose gardens, so Bowie can see, hear and encounter more of life. As a treat for being so good he had an ice cream, part of the sales goes to Battersea Resuce centre.

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Bowie enjoying the view. Love this bench in the woods on top of the hill looking out across the Heath look at the carvings on the back board.

Badbury Rings Dorset.
Last walk of the beautiful evening with the Springer Spaniel, the sun was burning my face.There is evidence of Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman occupation at Badbury. However, the site is known mostly for its Iron Age hill fort with its three rings. It is thought the innermost ring dates from around 500-600 BC.

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