It’s coming!

The tory Party "brexit was years ago, you need to move on"
Also the tory party, "blah blah Churchill, black blah spitfires, blah blah, world cup"

Ffs 🤦🏻‍♀️

The Senedd will debate the introduction of 20mph default speed limits on restricted roads in Wales next Tuesday

There's so much to enjoy in this delightful story about a man who walked from Cardiff to Aberystwyth to help test Slow Ways routes 🥰🚶🏕️🌄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

"Walking routes....should be given the same priority as driving routes" 👏

#ActiveTravel #SlowWays
Photo by Hannah Engelkamp of Slow Ways

Gair y Dydd: syrfeio – ddechrau Gorffennaf 1737 y cychwynnodd Lewis Morris, un o Forrisiaid Môn, ar ei waith mawr yn syrfeio a mapio arfordir Cymru.

Word of the Day: syrfeio 'to survey (land)': – at the beginning of July 1737 Lewis Morris, one of the Morris brothers of Môn, began his great work surveying and mapping the coast of Wales.

@NationCymru the fact that they are constitutionally able to do this seems to me to be a problem.

UK Government confirm they will scrap Welsh law as part of trade union crackdown.

In February this year, a Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet report revealed that the county needs 917 new homes for social rent each year

Singing, dancing, drinking, having the time of your life. Here's the evidence of why Wales Away is the best trip ever


A friend is having a party this evening. I just found out she's fostering ducklings. I get to go hang out with ducklings! Look how cute they are!

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