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‘The Welsh Government cannot fill the massive hole the UK Government has created in the Welsh budget’ Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said

A giant triangle that’s the height of 36 double decker buses stacked on top of each other has appeared on a hillside overlooking Denbigh

Choir issues dire warning over its future. It faces extinction if it doesn't recruit new members.

Just remember that when the Tories, and they will, mither about 36 additional MSs, do remind them of the 850 odd unelected members of the House of Lords, their costs and their bias towards the english south east.

Well, taken the plunge. I’ve signed out of the bird account. I have 30 days to rest & make a decision about staying there!

Lovely walk yesterday along Ynyslas Beach. Photos show sand and sea and the view across the estuary to Aberdyfi.

We couldn't go with the trend of the recent Twitter move to Mastodon, because we were already here 👀

But for the newcomers it might still be interesting to hear from their friendly collaborative Markdown editor with the cute logo. 🤗


Gair y Dydd: irlas – braf iawn gweld lliw hyfryd dail irlas coed ffawydd eto eleni.

Word of the Day: irlas 'green, of the colour of fresh young grass or foliage, leafy, verdant': – how pleasant to see the beautiful colour of verdant leaves again this year; from 'ir' ('verdant, fresh' - ultimately cognate with Eng. 'pure') and 'glas' ('blue or green').

Bennett won 29 caps for Wales between 1969 and 1978, featuring in two Five Nations Grand Slam-winning teams

‘Embarrassed to be British’ says Brits living in EU - "surveys consistently suggest that a majority of UK adults believe that leaving the EU has been a failure." #brexitreality

To help some of us newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile with hashtags so they are searchable. Then repeat these instructions so others know to do the same.

Gadawais y baddon adar ar camera trwy'r dydd heddiw. Mae dipyn bach o ddŵr yn gallu gwneud lot o wahaniaeth.

I left the camera on the bird bath through the day today. A small amount of water can make a lot of difference.

Bank of England ‘duty bound’ to trigger recession to curb inflation.

"The US is going through a period of high inflation that monetary policy will arrest. Euro area countries don’t really have much inflation other than the spike in energy and food prices caused by the Ukraine war.

"The UK, on the other hand, has , which is going to restrict the supply of labour over the longer term, and trade restrictions that will keep prices higher than they would otherwise be"

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