Finish that weekend sesh off in style with some with myself on .com

On now!

Dydd dau o cwpan rugbi yr bud. Mazeballs!

Fingers crossed Wales stay at the number one spot for longer than they did last week πŸ˜‚

Big shout out to @welshpixie for the bucket loads of information she mined for me off her friends on here in how to make a podcast for free! It was a task but got there in the end. Diolch o galon Del 😁 seren!

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Shwmae pawb, os na unrhyw un yma yn yr iwerddon (Waterford) sy'n siarad Cymraeg? Practice and pints? πŸ˜„

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Wondering what we've been up to? Our science lead Yann is doing the first in a series of protein biochemistry workshops with Open Insulin volunteers so they can learn the theory & practical aspects of producing our open source #insulin.

#Science #OpenScience #Insulin #Insulin4all #OpenInsulin #OpenData

Shwmae pawb, so dwi newydd wedi creu fy podlediad cyntaf. Byddwn yn ddiolchgar os byddach chi a eich frindiau yn hoffi ac yn rhannu fy tudalen a podlediad

How we all doing? So I've just started my first podcast, I'd be great full if ye could all like and share the links

It's all about house and techno: 105.1 FM or for my Welsh buddies online at

Tune in!😁😎

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I'll spinning some summery house and chilled progressive and techno tonight on OpenTempo FM from midnight -2am on the underground house show, tune in on 105.1 FM if you're in Waterford City.

For my Welsh or international buddies ye can listen online at

There's some big remixes from Low Steppa & Penn, some melodic house from Leiger and Adriatiqu and few classics mixed in for the craic. Not to be missed 😎

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Asking for a friend:

"Random question for you, would you or someone you know happen to have an EORI number? I have some friends that are holding a pokemon go event in Germany this weekend and the merch and prize stuff got caught in customs. They're being told now they just need a person with an EORI number to be on record, not to receive it. Thought it was worth asking. Thanks!"

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