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School used £100,000 of public money to suppress Ofsted report that uncovered ‘endemic of homophobia’
Lady Lumley’s School in Yorkshire used more than £100,000 of public funds to suppress an Ofsted report that revealed unchallenged “homophobic and racist language” from pupils.

Shut it down

Totally forgot I had Mastadon. Shwmae pawb, tŵr tŵr 😂

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Shwmae pawb, sut ydw i'n rhannu yr tudalen tŵt Cymru i ffrind sy'n dysgu Cymraeg os gwelwch yn dda?

Dw'i ddim wedi bod ar yma am amser maeth fy hun, gobeithio pawb yn iawn

My last show of the year for open tempo fm (105.1FM in Waterford/ Happy New year all, may 2020 bring you good music and more awesome memories. Keep on dancing!!




from my last set for Blue Moon Project on Open Tempo FM.
Jerry Ropero - Paradise on Full Dance Records. Hit the linktree in my bio for choice of streaming platform for the full 2 hour mix

🔥⛔️🤩Last nights show for OpenTempoFM is up for grabs🤩⛔️🔥
☝️ hour of straight up followed by ☝️hour of and all very lots of warm beats and trancey vibes🥰
Links 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇✌️

👉 link:

👉 link:

👉 link:

Merry Christmas & Nadolig Llawen 😘

Joio 😎

Finish that weekend sesh off in style with some with myself on .com

On now!

Dydd dau o cwpan rugbi yr bud. Mazeballs!

Fingers crossed Wales stay at the number one spot for longer than they did last week 😂

Big shout out to @welshpixie for the bucket loads of information she mined for me off her friends on here in how to make a podcast for free! It was a task but got there in the end. Diolch o galon Del 😁 seren!

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Shwmae pawb, os na unrhyw un yma yn yr iwerddon (Waterford) sy'n siarad Cymraeg? Practice and pints? 😄

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