If anyone here is in Cardiff or can get to Cardiff on Saturday 18th, and is happy to sit in a theatre, I have 2 tickets for Jonathan Pie Fake News (The Corona Remix) at St David's Hall I can no longer use.

Happy to donate them to someone that can use them (and will).

Tickets are physical do will need to be collected or posted, so act quick.

Private message me if you are interested.

Fair offer policy applies.

Part 2/2
The disinformation dozen are: Joseph Mercola, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Sherri Tenpenny, Rizza Islam, Rashid Buttar, Erin Elizabeth, Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, Christiane Northrup, Ben Tapper, and Kevin Jenkins

These people are responsible for up to 75% of the world's online conspiracy theories and antivaxx memes and info.



Part 1/2
The Guardian published an article about where all the pseudoscientific, conspiracy, antivaxx memes and disinformation comes from. We all knew the states would be the culprit, but it is down to just 12 US citizens. Yup 12! The Guardian didn't name them and the link The Guardian cited also didn't name them. So I did some digging on the 'disinformation dozen'.

Proper ditsy day today. Went shopping and left keys in the ignition. Searched Tesco thinking I droped them. bought a kitchen bin with a swing lid. didn't notice until home that I hadn't separated the bins and only scanned one, but there was 2, so technically I robbed a bin. also didn't check inside bin; inside was 4 lids. So technically I robbed 1 bin and 4 lids!. Then to top it off, I drove home to my old house instead of my actual house. What is going on with me today 🙈

This week's show for Underground Kollektiv Records is up. 60 mins of uplifting, melodic & progressive house and melodic techno


Looking to do some personal commissions, please boost!
£75✨ Pieces, like these, with backgrounds
£50✨ figures w/o backgrounds
£35✨ busts w/o backgrounds
🌱info/terms & conditions here:
Will add CW'd examples below, but theres lots on my feed/the insta linked in my profile
#commissionMe #commissionsOpen #commissions #mastoArt

Rob Beschizza over on BoingBoing described Facebook as "…a nearly-trillion dollar corporation that graphs minds, relationships and societies so that it may split them like atoms and sell the energy released."

Not sure I can do better than that.

Guest mix # 2 coming out of Canada is Curtis T of Reclusive Behaviours.

streaming from 10pm GMT 105.1fm in Ireland o'r from our website, OpenTempoFM.com

My first guest mix of 2021, Phantom Power; DJ, Producer and founder of 90s label Crib Records. Here he plays a 2 hour set from the Crib Records archives. Lots of early 90s sounds and ravey synth and piano. Absolutely deadly. Next up is Curtis T of Reclusive Behaviours coming out of Canada in 2 weeks time


Anyone else put off their new years resolution to eat more healthy until Monday? Ultimate fail Marty boy 😂😂😂

Catch me Midnight - 1am GMT on MixCloud live and Undergroundkollektiv.co.uk it's been a good day of music, just 7bhours left of our marathon 24 hour stream! See ya in just over an hour 😄

24 hours of live music starting tomorrow. Should be great craic! I'm in from midnight GMT. More info in underground Kollektiv Facebook page 👍

The Urdd is facing the biggest challenge in our 98-year history due to Covid-19.

In the past few months, Covid-19 has left no choice but to cut the Urdd workforce in half, close three centres for residents and community visits, and suspend all sports, the Eisteddfod and arts activities.

If you can, please consider buying a Hat to Help. For yourself, for loved ones, or as Christmas gifts.


Mum makes a photo calendar every year, she wants a title for the 2021 one that reflects we've had a year of COVID. Suggestions? The more positive and funny the better ;p

Be Mae pobl yn meddwl am zero waste shops? Unrhywun wedi defnyddio nhw, neu clywed am nhw!?

What's people's thoughts on Zero waste shops? Ever used one? O'r heard of them for that matter?

Pwy sy'n gwybod am site sydd yn cael y geiriau am caneuon Nadolig Cymraeg os gwelwch yn dda

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