Plaid Cymru says its group of 12 councillors are eager to discuss a programme of policies to form a new progressive administration with independents and others

Parents, teachers, and students said the AS level maths exam contained multiple questions which had not been in the course syllabus

Currently six cases of the Omicron variant BA.4 have been identified in Wales and there has been one case of the BA.5 variant detected

The Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee has called for farmers and their private vets to be treated as equal partners by the Welsh Government in its TB eradication policy

Despite the fall in the number of infections, rates in Wales are the highest in the UK with around 1 in 40 people estimated to have the virus

Lee Waters, the Deputy Climate Change Minister, said the government is looking at ways to make it easier for local councils to set up public companies to run bus services

The £2.9 million fund will support projects to help alleviate pressure in areas that are seeing increased visitor numbers

‘Hopefully, we can now go for a hat-trick with Wrexham AFC finally winning promotion and being crowned as City of Culture 2025‘ chartered accountant Gill Kreft said

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