This is Coltsfoot - Tussilago farfara. It is one of my favourite herbs, and it just got useful. Coronavirus has been getting a lot of attention - it is dangerous because it fills the lungs with mucus. Tussilago is useful because it eases coughs at the same time as thinning mucus down and encourages its expulsion from the lungs.

If you have any health concerns, please ring me on 01286 865883 / 07989325028 or message me.

The other day I was peeling bark from lengths of Willow - and I peeled almost a kilogram of bark. It is used extensively in my anti-inflammatory, arthritis, joint pain/mobility, and muscle ache mixes.

Why not ring us and see how we can help? 01286 865883 / 07989325028 or message me to see your local herbalist in Caernarfon!

Coming soon, the twelve herbs of Christmas... Follow us as we explore an interesting medicinal herb that is connected to Christmas each day through the festive season!

Last weekend, I went back to school and started my MSc in Herbal Therapeutics. Don't worry, I'm not leaving Wales, I'm on block release! I did this to gain skills and give the very best herbal treatment for North Wales. This is the view from our classroom overlooking Lincoln Cathedral.

The wonder that is Wormwood - Artemisia absinthum. It is extremely bitter and rather lemonadeish in its smell. With the number of cases of acid reflux I'm seeing at the moment, this harvest is much needed! It's also rather useful for cases low energy and lethargy. If you suffer from acid reflux and would like my help managing it naturally, or for learning opportunities 01286865883 / 07989325028 or dm me for more info!

Analysing the latest rail industry data - looks like there's some big improvements coming to the Welsh Network on SUNDAYS from December:
*A year round service at Llandudno, Llanrwst, Betws-y-Coed & Blaenau Ffest.
*Vastly improved service on the Cambrian Coast line between Pwllheli & Machynlleth
*Many journeys from the borders to Cardiff extended to Swansea
*More journeys between Cardiff and Raydr, Caerphilly, Treherbert, Newport & Swansea.

Timetables @

Gair y Dydd: cromlech – stori ddiddorol am fynd â chromlech o chwarel Penrhyn yr holl ffordd i Barc Menai ger Sydney yn Awstralia.

Word of the Day: cromlech ('cromlech, dolmen') – see this interesting story about taking a cromlech from the Penrhyn quarries in North Wales to Parc Menai near Sydney, Australia.

Nothing says high summer like the charming pot marigold in full flower. When I was training, we were specifically warned before our final exams not to forget the pot marigold - it's so useful! From being a gentle skin cleanser through to a soothing digestive herb - all the way to a bug-killing powerhouse of anti-infective action, this herb does it all.

Get in touch to learn more about how herbal medicine could help you with your health concerns - or to find out about learning opportunities!

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