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I'm a 12 week.old kitten who loves to play and explore. Here I am finding out about a new garden arbour!

Sunday lazy Sunday afternoon love from Tali and Idris X

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and we are here cuddling up and loafing in our donut bed because it's our day and we play it out way x

showing us off in a better light ... Aren't we just adorable? Love Tali and Idris

twins X our favourite day of the week with staff on tap x love Tali and Idris

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That face when you forget to post Dutch's amazing supermodel pics for #caturday! 😹


I would like to introduce my brother Idris named after the Welsh mountain in Wales. We are trouble x as he is is shy and timid he will sometimes appear here with me. I love my bro x

Blending in # harmony for 5 minutes with kitten and adult

Time to stop pet parent from a little sewing job.... Paw pressure applied

Sunday morning sunshine! I'm staring at my step sister planning my next mock attack...

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Removed about 20 spam accounts from mstdn :mastodon_oops: #mstdn

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Good morning world and all lovely people! :cathug: ❤️

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