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I wanted to take this time to once again thank every single being on fedi that posts pictures, even mundane ones, with image descriptions. Thank you for describing your screenshot, your drawing, your selfie, your cat. Seriously. Thank you. I'm not sure if you realize how much that means to me.

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I've been out and about all week doing kitty things. Here I am exhausted after playtime outdoors love Tali X

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Part 18: I hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying this without having signed the new lease. I'm a bit on edge just because of the whole experience, but it'll be fine. I'm happy about new apartment. It's got a small outdoor space, a little loft area I'll probably use for bookbinding, and a bathtub! I haven't had a bathtub in 7 years.

Plus they allow dogs so this is one step closer to a little pup!

Busted with pet parent glasses for second day running !!! theft

When ewe are so hungry and grass won't do that you have to eat the EU flag

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Momo! It's the kitty named Momo. And also Ume is there.

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This is the view from the other side of the bottom of the hill - we British put mini roundabouts *everywhere* these days 😆 ; although I suspect a reason for that (and the 20mph (32km/h) zone) is to deter folk from hooning along the seafront (which isn't advisable anyway due to parked cars either side and many pedestrians)

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It's everybody and I'm off to play outdoors with leaves, dirt, mice and nature

Hanging out on an old office chair. Perfect for cat lounging x

Sunday Sunday ... Easy like Sunday morning with my pet parent x how about you?

and I'm basking in some afternoon sunshine because I can!!!

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