Aberavon RFC

The chosen 2⃣3⃣ 🧙‍♂️ to take on
tomorrow at the Talbot Athletic Ground | 7.05pm KO.

The Government’s target for the whole five years of this Assembly is to build 20,000 affordable homes.

Cwmafan R.F.C
This is why dogs should never be allowed on playing fields. This is the leg of one of our 1st XV players after dog mess got into a cut during a game. If it doesn't improve by Monday he's going to have to have surgery to clean it out.


Mrs Gomez presenting our Cameroon project at the Sub Saharan Advisory Panel event at the Senedd last night.

Noson Cymraeg am y Brit...dewch ymlaen i ymarfer eich Cymraeg neu i cael ychydig o peintiau a cael a canu dda!!

Welsh night at The Brit tonight.....the infamous Mari Lwyd....come along to practice your Welsh or just to have a few pints & a good sing song!


Swansea Jazz

Final 3 gigs at Swansea Jazzland coming up in December, before Jazzland takes a break in 2020!

Hopkins/Hammond Trio this Wednesday,

@Clark Tracey Quintet :Jazz Suites inspired by Dylan Thomas Poems December 11th,

then bringing down the curtain on Swansea Jazzland @The Cottle Brothers Christmas Bash! December 18th.

The Garage Music Venue Swansea

Swansea Jazz

Tonight! @The Garage Music Venue Swansea Fabulous Bristol based Hopkins/Hammond OrganTrio. Can pay on the door.


Imagine living next door to this house.....bet it STINKS!!
BBC News - Corwen pet owner takes paw-trait with 17 cats and dogs bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-506509

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