Sneak preview of a track I'll be releasing to Bandcamp tomorrow! It's a #banjo funeral march from #1865, played on a fretted banjo in concert pitch with #mellotron accompaniment. #magicianssociety #mastomusic #music #oddio #earlybanjo #musicians #recording

Gair y Dydd: eisteddfod Ar y diwrnod hwn yn 1523 y cynullwyd y beirdd i eisteddfod gyntaf Caerwys i bennu rheolau cerdd dafod a cherdd dant.

Word of the Day: eisteddfod On this day in 1523 poets gathered in Caerwys to determine the rules of
'cerdd dafod' ('(strict-metre) poetry') and 'cerdd dant' ('instrumental music').

Mae mwy a mwy ohonom yn ond dyn ni'n cofio pob ystafell?
Gwyliwch ein fideo sy'n dangos eitemau bod gallu cael eu hailgylchu o bob ystafell yn eich cartref i ddarganfod os dych chi'n ailgylchu popeth bod chi'n gallu - mae'r pethau bach 'na yn gwneud gwahaniad mawr.

More and more of us are recycling, but are we remembering every room?
Watch our video showing items that can be recycled from every room in your home to see if you're recycling all you can - those little extras add up to a big difference.

‪Pubs and breweries are pi$$ing me off with their whining and bitching!!‬

"It's called tribalism. Forget the idea. Play the person, not the ball. It's a very ugly aspect of politics in Wales. Plaid, Labour & Abolish all on the same side in voting against developing the Welsh language. Who would have thought?"

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