‪Liquid Sunshine from the St Austell Brewery in sunny Cornwall! @TheBritPub1845 ‬

Having a lovely day in Brecon! 😉👍


Must be all this Brecon Brewery beer they drink up this way! 😉😕

We need a devolved media in Wales asap@anniemo71

Hello, I am learning Welsh because I think it's a beautiful language. Is anyone interested in talking to me on DM so I can practice? I'm not very advanced yet, so the conversations would be pretty basic. But we could also just talk. Diolch :) reddit.com/r/cymru/comments/cr - coldbutgold

@jaz It's your birthday? Penblwydd Hapus I ti! 🎂🎂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🕺🕺

Peint o “Gold Beacons” yn The George Hotel yn Aberrhonndu 🍺👍😉


@Penybont_FC 🆚 @BarryTownUnited 🔥

📺 @S4C
💻 facebook.com/sgorio
📲 youtube.com/sgorio
🔗 s4c.cymru/live

English language commentary available on the 🔴 button.

Gêm ddarbi.
Gêm gyntaf Pen-y-bont yn .
Gêm fyw gyntaf y tymor.

@Penybont_FC v @BarryTownUnited 🔥

Nos Wener am 19:55 ar @S4C 📺

Rhagolwg: bit.ly/2YOHF0h

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