The Cottle Brothers Christmas Bash Wednesday December 18th The Final Swansea Jazzland Event!
Swansea Jazzland has been one of the UK's leading provincial weekly Jazz Clubs, presenting 25 years of weekly events in


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If the SNP were to get 55 seats that would be astounding. The SNP only stand candidates in Scotland, where there is a maximum of 59 seats available. Winning 55 would equate to 93%.

Will 2019 be 2015 all over again?


#politics #GE2019 #SNP

Well I'm certainly not staying up all night for the results with that exit poll.. Can we have our next independence referendum next week, please?

The exit poll suggests the following:

SNP 55
Tories 3
Labour 1

That would mean Jo Swinson gone, and also Orkney & Shetland falling to the SNP.

I'll take that.

#politics #GE2019

Use your vote wisely today. Vote for someone from your town. That's either Nigel Thomas Hunt or Captain Beany For Aberavon M.P.
Both Port Talbot boys through and through, who have the towns best interests at heart.
All the others are bums, parachuted in by the London parties from outside who have no knowledge or interest in the area.

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