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Dwi'n o ddifri ystiried ymeno / I'm seriously considering joining....

Cymdeithas Enwau Lleoedd Cymru Welsh Place-Name Society

Cymdeithas Enwau Lleoedd Cymru Welsh Place-Name Society

Dyma deyrged i Tim Robinson o'r Iwerddon yn yr Irish Times. Gwelwch ei agwedd at enwau lleoedd.…/fintan-o-tool

Here's a deyrged for Tim Robinson from Ireland in the Irish times. See his attitude to place names.

Today's graph shows a turn upwards again - 27 new deaths today, for a total of 193. However, this is probably more of a correction after two lower-than-expected days than a concerning increase. If we were to average out the last three days, we would have 17.33 deaths per day, which is still a reduction over the previous few days.

Today's figures:
Deaths today: 441
Total to date: 5373
For my discussion, see yesterday's comments, with increased emphasis.
However, I would note that today's figures are unexpectedly low, and I would not be surprised to see something of a correction tomorrow.

Enwau Lleoedd (Welsh place-names)

Rhaglen Dei Tomos neithiwr 5/4/2020 yn trafod peth o waith Cymdeithas Enwau Lleoedd Cymru. Angen cofrestru efo BBC os nad ydych wedi gwneud eisoes.

Dei Tomos's programme last night 5/4/2020 discussing some of the work of the Welsh place names society. Need to register with BBC if you haven't already done so

Cymdeithas Owain Glyndŵr Society (from facebook)

Ebrill 4ydd, 1406: Robert III wedi marw - Brenin yr Alban a chefnogwr Glyndŵr.

April 4th, 1406: Robert III of Scotland died, he had been a supporter of Glyndŵr.

We've now seen the %age increase in deaths falling for four consecutive days (31.5%, 24.2%, 23.4%, 19.6%, 14.4%), and so this is looking like a trend. It suggests that we really might be approaching the peak. However, it does not suggest necessarily that we have peaked in deaths per day just yet. 2/4

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