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Welsh Government's 'deep dive' into is complete! gov.wales/written-statement-ou

There are some interesting proposals here:

* Ambition to scale up much more renewable energy 📈
* Develop a National Energy Plan by 2024 📑
* Supporting behaviour change (this is vital!!) ✊👏
* A Wales Energy System Architect 🤔🧐
* A review of the consenting process ✔️
* Using procurement to support the sector 💷
* Support for community energy 🦸

And many more.

This looks interesting - Welsh Government has set up a blog seeking views on the development of streams of work arising from the WFG legislation


Take a look and submit your comments - we are really pleased that the blog has an RSS feed to streamline keeping up with the news!

This US article (modernfarmer.com/2021/05/opini) about putting carbon labels on food products is a good read - and it references a peer-reviewed paper (sciencedirect.com/science/arti) showing that even climate sceptics choose lower-carbon products when provided with information 🙌👏

We love this share offer - if you'd like to support this inspiring campaign to crowdfund a community pub in rural , take a look at this video and read the share offer document at tynllan.cymru 👏👏

@NewYorkWelsh@twitter.activitypub.actor @jaz

Black Mountains College in the is looking for a teacher for seasonal catering, sustainable coppicing and green wood skills. 2 days a week. A brilliant opportunity to teach practical skills to the next generations ✊🧑🪵🧑‍🍳


Blue Carbon - that which is stored in marine habitats - has a very important role to play in balancing the flow of carbon in our ecosystems.

However, a range of human activity is making our marine environment less resilient, and less able to play a role in maintaining our climate equilibrium.


Billie-Jade Thomas of the Marine Conservation Society writes in this article for the Institute of Welsh Affairs

The 's cross-party group on Active Travel has published their manifesto for the elections drive.google.com/file/d/1BGf8n

The proposals include:
*Restrictions on car use within 400m of schools
*20mph as the default urban speed limit
*Prioritising active travel in all new developments
*Making walkable neighbourhoods the norm

This long list is worth a look - not least to give ideas to others who might want to lobby public bodies on

The research team has produced a summary of what the Market Reform Bill would mean for Wales (and other devolved countries). It's a significant roll-back of powers senedd.wales/Research%20Docume

As @davidoclubb highlighted in his blog post last year (afallen.cymru/2019/11/13/wales), will see significant additional risk as sea level rise meets increased rainfall intensity. is likely to be hit hard, and we're pleased to see that the Council is currently discussing the issue. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-540114

Now is the time to plan for a future with great challenges from coast, river and reservoir. Find out how we can help you manage your sustainability journey 🏞️🌊🏘️🏚️

Cafodd @davidoclubb sgwrs efo BBC Radio Cymru ddoe, am cynnig Llywodraeth i gwella'r effeithlonrwydd ynni mewn cartrefi newydd eu hadeiladu yng Nghymru.

Dyma'r dolen youtube.com/watch?v=uMhZnk7qei

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