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Shared on FB by Wales Together Against Trump: 👇

Border Agents Caught Posting Racist, Sexist Messages About Migrants & AOC in Secret Facebook Group | Democracy Now!

I agree with this. It's quite irritating that stores like B&M, Iceland, Homebargins, Cista Coffee etc. move into local Welsh areas and there are no bilingual signs anywhere! 👇

Why bilingual products in the supermarket would be a massive step towards one million Welsh speakers - Nation.Cymru
In February the body which decides on Assembly Members’ pay and allowances decided to allow AMs to carry on employing their relatives until 2026.
Wrong decision!!! 😟

New Prime Minister, New War?

The UK is set to have a new Prime Minister in two weeks’ time. With war looming in Iran would either candidate resist pressure to join the US in a military campaign?
The short answer is no!

Norway refuses to drill for billions of barrels of oil in Arctic, leaving ‘whole industry surprised and disappointed’ | The Independent

Trump Auctions Off 150,000 Acres of Public Lands for Fracking Near Utah National Parks - EcoWatch

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