Covid-19: Small independent nations performing better – BELLA GWALIA

“Airports are not devolved. The UK govt. refused to do it. They have given money to airports in England but not in Wales. Bristol gets £8m, Cardiff gets nothing. Not a word from the @WelshConserv.”

‘Welsh democracy not safe in the hands of the Tories, warns former First Minister - Nation.Cymru

Conservative MPs have ripped out an amendment to the government's trade bill to prevent the NHS being sold off or undermined by the government's trade deals with other countries.

Tory MPs rip out NHS protections from trade bill | The Independent

I love this!
Dw i'n wrth fy modd â hyn!

David Walliams reveals he's a 'quarter Welsh' and brings out his children's books in the Welsh language | Wales | ITV News

Mr Jones said: “They are rapidly becoming an English nat party both in England and in Wales. It’ll be Scotland next. Democracy in Wales and Scotland is not safe in their hands.

‘Welsh democracy not safe in the hands of the Tories, warns former First Minister - Nation.Cymru

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Gair y Dydd: lili wen fach – blodyn cynta'r gwanwyn wedi ymddangos.

Word of the Day: lili wen fach 'a snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis' – the first flower of spring has appeared.

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Private sector always comes out on top. What ever happened to conflict of interest?!

According to Mr Melding, the new fund is “very small beer indeed” that “falls well short of the mark” and “Wales will almost certainly see its current share reduced significantly.”

Ramifications of ‘power grab act’ are ‘troubling’ says Conservative Senedd member - Nation.Cymru

‘Wales should be independent because UK will be a failed state’ says Guardian columnist - Nation.Cymru
George Monbiot
"In the meantime, it is surely now clear that the best protection against ongoing disaster for the people of Wales and Scotland is independence, and for the people of Northern Ireland, reunification."

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