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@anniemo71 Everyone can download the PDFs, as far as I understand and for a book in my field it worked. Is that what you mean?

Looks like they do not put any book on their site. The ones I know are high quality.

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@onepict @freedcreative @alcinnz @shahaan we need to focus on educating our national education policy makers (in NZ, it's our Ministry of Education) to recognise that a) the status quo is counter-productive (and expensive, and exclusionary), and b) a relatively small investment in FOSS would pay major dividends for our society, by creating a generation of people who aren't crippled with Learned Helplessness - I've written about it here: and here

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Ten years ago we started to build the most secure email service: Tutanota. 💪😎 Today, millions of people use it to protect their emails. Here's why you should switch, too:

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Hey followers!
Does anyone have a working blocklist for Pi-hole to block URLs used by Apple for tracking purposes?
Retooting appreciated! :)
#pihole #apple #tracking #blocklist

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Has Joan Bakewell finally seen the light?

Twitter today @JDBakewell

"Save The NHS! I’m asking the govt in the House of Lords on Wednesday what plans they have to stop American Health Insurance companies buying NHS surgeries. Watch this space!"

Too late Joan
From Feb 2021

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🚨 BREAKING: Plaid Cymru and Labour unveil three-year cooperation agreement
🏠 'Radical action' on second homes
🚆 North-South rail links
🍽️ Free school meals for all
🛡️ Mandatory Welsh history in schools

Download the 12 page cooperation agreement.

The dispute between Amazon and Visa is to do with the fees the credit card company charges Amazon for its services in the UK

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