Waw! Dw i'n meddwl bod hyn anhygoel! 😍

Watch "Calon Lân | Cor Digidol Rhys Meirion" on YouTube youtu.be/1l7yF_wJAc0

Edrychwch ar hyn! Ac, i gyd mewn un lle. Defnyddiol iawn!

Look at this! And, all in one place. Very useful!


Watch "Hymns a Arias gan 'Baldande' Famous Max Boyce Song." on YouTube youtu.be/frueyLQDfkk

Neithiwr ar ôl Carnifal Gorslas. Pawb wedi mynd i'r dafarn y Phoenix am Noson Llawen gyda band 'Baldande'
Roedd yn noson wir allan wych!

Last night after the Gorslas Carnival, everyone went to the Phoenix Pub for a fun night with the band 'Baldande'. It was a really great night out!

Copied and pasted from SSIW Aran Jones (a year old)
Welsh language podcasts all in one place!

Jun '18 - Have a look at this FANTASTIC idea: ypod.cymru/ ypod.cymru/


Mynd am dro yn Aberystwyth.

Gwych! Dw i joiais hwn fan 'Nicky Sydd Yma.'

Pardon My Welsh (it's not my first language) - SoundCloud Listen to Pardon My Welsh (it's not my first language) by WelshWhisperer on

I really love this beautiful short award-winning animation.


In 2018, The Welfare Ystradgynlais’ community arts team worked with Ysgol Maesydderwen, Ysgol Dyffryn Y Glowyr and Syrian families who have settled in Ystradgynlais to tell stories of refugees past and present. Award-winning animation.

Mae'r ffilm hon yn ysbrydoliaeth!
This film is an inspiration!


I recently found this old series on YouTube and I loved it. It’s from the early 1990’s. Strangely it feels older. There’s about 34 episodes and I got through them quite quickly as I found them quite interesting. There’s some old things that I’d forgotten existed like Midland Bank and Manweb. They can be a little bit tricky to find each episode but you can search on the uploaders name IkkyLee and that seems to help.

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Photoshow made on the stunningly beautiful Gower Peninsular in South Wales.
Me with hubby Sylvester, married for 42 years.
Fi gyda fy ngŵr, dyn ni'n briodi am 42 oed.
(corrections welcome)

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