my local library offers free access to to library patrons. This makes me Beyond Happy!

Whenever I'm in Bala, I buy all of the at the . In the US, our green Skittle is apple (blech) and our purple Skittle is grape (double blech). Lime and black currant forever!

Looks like it's going to be awhile before I get back to Bala... I'll pass on the "trapped in a tube full of people for 11 hours using recirculated air," tyvm.

My son and I had to eat all of the donuts today, and they were DELICIOUS!

Gair y Dydd: Meddygon Myddfai Eitem ddiddorol gan Diana Luft ar raglen Aled Hughes (1:18:28): y bore 'ma ar ei hymchwil i feddygaeth ganoloesol ac mae ei llyfr, Medieval Welsh Medical Texts, i'w weld ar lein am ddim.

Word of the Day: Meddygon Myddfai 'the Physicians of Myddfai': Diana Luft's new book 'Medieval Welsh Medical Texts' is now available to read free here: (Open Access).

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