Can anyone remind me how to join a new instance? I wanted to join the Mastodon medievalist instance but I've forgotten how. Thanks :)

Gall unrhywun fy atgoffa i sut i ymunno ag instance newydd? O'n i moyn ymunno a'r instance Mastodon canol-oesol ond 'dwi wedi anghofio sut. Diolch :)

@jaz I can't talk to you on the PM because your messages are too long and the twt button is out of reach and I can't scroll down to reach it. I'm on desktop and I'm not really sure what browser I'm on.

Hei bawb. 'Dwi jyst wedi ymuno a Mastadon. Mae'n dda iawn hyd yn hyn. 'Dwi'n ceisio deall y peth yn iawn.

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