Focus on #COVID might hamper stateโ€™s push against rising sea

#SeaLevelRise will likely put at least $8 billion in property underwater by 2050, and could affect tens of thousands of jobs and billions in gross domestic product, according to studies cited by the office...


heb fod yma ers oes ond dod nol i ddweud helo ar ol sgwrs gyda @carlmorris ๐Ÿค–

Mae 2il gartrefi yn cynyddu prisiau tai yn artiffisial, gan ei gwneud hiโ€™n anodd i bobl ifanc leol ymgartrefu yn eu cymunedau ac effeithio'n negyddol ar sefyllfaโ€™r Gymraeg. Dylid gosod uwch-dreth ar 2il gartrefi. Darllenwch fwy yn ein dogfen :

Yesterday I posted this image on my FB profile. It's the most engagement I've had all year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and I was being serious.

@libreoffice That's a great idea. I have my own single-user instance and realize how ideal it is. This way the project is not mixed with potentially undesirable content and you have total control, but still accessible to the whole peertube network especially for a project of your size. I hope more libre projects take this approach:)

Listened to the recent Late Night Linux podcast and decided to write a thing...

In less than two hours we'll be going live with Open Tech Will Save Us #5! You'll learn about Pine64, WASM&IoT and how to rebrand an Open Source company! Join us! Find out how below

Pulled my Libre Computer La Frite out to play with this morning and read up what they've been up to since I last checked. They are doing something kind of neat and unique in the SBC space. Their uboot firmware that you flash to the onboard flash has a built in menu for booting and includes tool for downloading and installing different distros. Flashing the uboot firmware was super easy and after booting to the tool I had a distro installed in a few minutes.

Today's involved interesting work!

AM: Putting together a survey instrument and framework around digital readiness for delivering online programmes

PM: Adding finishing touches to new We Are Open Co-op email course entitled 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Open'

Images in the course were all created by the fabulously talented Bryan Mathers, with my co-writer for the course being the wonderful @epilepticrabbit. Both are currently on holiday.

๐ŸŽป Cafwyd sawl sesh rithiol braf dros y misoedd diwetha'. Dewch am wledd arall o gerddoriaeth draddodiadol ac ymgom difyr da! ๐ŸŽป

โฐ Pryd? 8yh nos Wener yma!
๐Ÿง I bwy? I unrhyw un sydd am wrando ar neu ymuno mewn sesiwn werin Gymreig!
๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธ Sut? Sgwrs telefideo! Rydym yn defnyddio "Zoom" ar hyn o bryd, gan fod ansawdd y sลตn yn well.

Meeting ID Cyfarfod Zoom : 993 3035 6115
Password Cyfrinair: chwibanogl

Sylvia Ritter creates wonderfully detailed, precise and colourful art with a unique style. You can follow at:

โžก๏ธ @sylvia_ritter

#SylviaRitter #Art #MastoArt #Painting #Illustration #Creative #Krita

250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

Sorry to hear about the Mozilla layoffs โ€“ if you want to continue fixing the web, we are hiring! โ™ฅ๏ธ #MozillaLifeboat

Fully open source and fully remote:
(If you prefer thereโ€™s also offices in Berlin and Stuttgart :)

Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary for last year financials are available (2018)

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The results of this #YouGov poll are unfortunately not surprising.

Almost half of Britons (49%) say they have little (22%) to no sympathy (27%) for the migrants who have been crossing the channel from France to England

Would love to see a breakdown of #England vs #Wales vs #Scotland vs #NI opinions too.

#Immigration #Asylum #France #Refugees #UK #UnitedKingdom #Poll

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