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Reminder that you don't need to use link shorteners like etc on Mastodon.

All links on Mastodon count for 23 characters no matter how long or short they actually are.

More #MastoTips:

#Mastodon #LinkShorteners

This is probably too advanced a question for me as I literally just started learning but I want to put my pronouns in my profile and have no idea what they would be in Welsh!

#funkwhale's new donation platform is now up and running 🎉

Simply visit to donate anonymously by credit card or SEPA transfer, or to become a voting member of our collective.

Many thanks to the people who contributed to and tested this 🤗

If you want to read more about the changes and motivations, please check out

(Also note that
our Open Collective page will remain available if you prefer to support us here)

On this episode of Libre Lounge, Chris and Serge announce their new projects DataShards, a collaborative secure communication system!

Hello, I am learning Welsh because I think it's a beautiful language. Is anyone interested in talking to me on DM so I can practice? I'm not very advanced yet, so the conversations would be pretty basic. But we could also just talk. Diolch :) - coldbutgold


You can now follow remote profiles on Pixelfed instances that have enabled the feature.

1. Search the full url (ie:

2. Click the follow button on the results page

3. You will start seeing posts from that account on your home timeline


Hi @jaz, are you following the development of @Diffu ? Wondering whether your ambitions for distributed Welsh platforms might include an open Medium equivalent for Wales? I'd certainly be very interested in publishing on it

New to #Mastodon and don't know who to follow? We've done some research to get you started! Pro Mastodonians, do you agree with our top picks? #privacy

In #Diffu, markdown parser convert simple pasted url to a lightweight and static block coming from Open Graph data.
And only then, it lets reader load widget (and its eventual tracker) from original site.
So reader privacy is respected, giving him the choice to load or not external code 😊

Shwmae pawb, os na unrhyw un yma yn yr iwerddon (Waterford) sy'n siarad Cymraeg? Practice and pints? 😄

An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:

You can follow them on here:


#MicrosoftOffice #Alternatives #LibreOffice

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