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Regarding Jitsi Meet servers:
There is a recent trend to use Jitsi Meet, a JavaScript WebRTC application, for videoconferencing.

Please note that these video conferences aren't end-to-end encrypted. This means server-side parties can monitor your activity. If you want to use Jitsi hosted by others, look for a comprehensive privacy policy as always.

There could be additional legal requirements if you want to use third-party Jitsi servers for school or work.

#jitsi #privacy #security #infosec

Mae diweddariad i GPC ar gael nawr sy'n ychwanegu cannoedd o erthyglau newydd a rhai wedi'u hailolygu. Os ydych wedi lawrlwytho'r data i'r ap, bydd angen dileu'r gronfa ddata a'i lawrlwytho eto, gw.

The latest update to GPC adds hundreds of new and changed entries. If you have downloaded the data to the app, delete the database and download it again โ€“ see

Just finished a video call with my grandmother, had to walk her through via the landline on how to accept it, but it went well. She is living alone now and was very happy to see someone else. Modern (open source) technology enables us to deal with these circumstances in a way that would not have been possible 15 years ago. A toast to the good people at signal, your product is very appreciated!

looking for history writers - boost please! 

Reminder that I'm looking for people who would like to write about history for Please read the thread above!

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Here's an #UbuntuTouch question for the fediverse: What phone (of any variety) is currently offering the best performance that is also fully operational? The supported phone list looks like pretty old hardware.

The quick creation of so many #jitsi instances for #videoconferences for the #corona crisis shows why open source software is important for the survival of our civilization. With proprietary software, it would never be possible for people to help themselves this fast. With #freeSoftware we can all work together to make social isolation less hard for everyone.

It is reiterated time and time again:

Ignore the scientists at your peril

In all the horror of , let's not forget that the gambling industry, bedrock of our community ๐Ÿ™„ must be suffering greatly.

I'm sure our thoughts will be with their grossly overpaid chief executives and their shareholders

I'm currently writing a plan for @moodlenet crowdfunding and on the lookout for useful research/resources/platforms.

This one is great, but quite old now (and sadly the links to templates don't work):

Suggestions and boosts appreciated! ๐Ÿ™ƒ

We want to remind our New York Welsh community that youโ€™re not alone and weโ€™re here to support you.

If you or someone you know would like some support from us, or if you can offer support in your pocket of NYC then please reply or send us a message:

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