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The stats for today show a death figure back in line with the average of recent days - 5 (total now 1483), though after 3 days of highly suspect figures I half expected more. Watch tomorrow; the weekend rebound often comes on Wednesday.

So it's the DuckDuckGo team that's helping Apple block Google Analytics from cross-site tracking. Nice work! ๐Ÿ‘

They announced it on Twitter:

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To say that the death figures over the last few days feel suspicious to me is an understatement. I hope I am wrong, but just one death again today for the third day running, when the average before Saturday was running at around 6, is statistically highly improbable.

If the figures are correct today, it's truly remarkable. I confess I am doubting them though. Statistically this is improbable. We know that yesterday there were problems with the testing figures, but no problems have been reported for death figures, and no problems reported today for either; in fact, the implication is that it's back to normal.
1 death today, after 1 yesterday. Total now 1477.
Another caveat: Sunday's figures are often low.
My model's prediction for tomorrow: 7.0

Want to know who visits your website without handing their data over to #GoogleAnalytics? takes a look at #opensource lightweight alternatives, like the analysis platform GoatCounter that does not track users with unique identifiers, adds just ~2.5 KB of extra data to your site and is easy & accessible in use -> @NGIZero is proud to fund development of ethical & open source analytics like GoatCounter ( & Offen (

once again skewers the ludicrous, wretched nature of , as well as the chaotic shambles of an 'implementation' in his latest post.


The 'British' empire is having another one of its existential crises. We must work to ensure that this is the last 'hurrah' of the oligarchy. Resist Brexit. Resist populism. Focus on local issues but remember who wields the power. Follow the money.

Share share share - let's get this wee suppressed book some publicity.

'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891)

โ€œIf we do our duty we will be classed with the wise and good Scots of the past; but if we falter and fail to assert the rights of our country in this crisis, then our memory will be covered with eternal infamy.โ€

We've just pushed our third stable update for the Pine64 #PinePhone
Features include *far* better screen-off battery life and indication of the mobile network you're connected to in the top bar. Go to Settings -> Updates after your apps are up to date to get your copy now!

I am wondering just how much this COVID tracing app has cost the taxpayer.

They've possibly scrapped their not-open-sourced open-source app, in favour of Google/Apples APIs...

Sounds like a very expensive fuckup

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