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โ€œIt looks great, itโ€™s stable, itโ€™s updated regularly, and will run on many, many, many Macs and Windows machinesโ€ฆ and honestly if youโ€™ve got an old Windows machine that you donโ€™t want to have to run Windows on, put elementary OS on it and it becomes a nice little workhorse.โ€

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historical thing we should bring back:


Interesting article here about electric scooters in . I tend to agree - legislation needs to catch up with what's actually happening on the streets otherwise unregulated use is going to cause us a problem.

(I'm someone who uses a 'push' scooter and finds it incredibly useful!)

Today's figures see deaths up 1 to 5, and cases at their second highest - 764. The last two days have been suspiciously low for cases though - the weekend effect maybe. It's still difficult to read anything into the shape of the line of the upward trend, except that it's still upwards. I still have a feeling that we're not out of control yet. But we really should be doing more to bring numbers down.

Aberystwyth university are publishing their daily cases, which is a brave move (and to be applauded). There is 1 case today; there were none yesterday. As they say, these figures are not dependent on where the student lives, but most presumably have a GP in Ceredigion.

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#ALD20 ยซ #AdaLovelaceDay was founded in 2009 to raise awareness of the achievements of women in STEM. In this article, we take a closer look at the person behind the celebration โ€ฆ ยป

Privacy is only for those with something hide, right? ๐Ÿ‘€

Matt Mahmoudi, Advisor at Amnesty International, disagrees. And so do we โœŠ

โ€œFacebook, Google and governments have reinforced a narrative whereby privacy is only for those with something to hide. But this is all wrong."

According to Matt, privacy is about #Autonomy. It's exercising our right to choose when we turn away and when and in what way we want to participate.

Do you agree?

Pine64 design and make low-price open hardware such as computers, phones and tablets. You can follow them at:

โžก๏ธ @PINE64

They focus on community input and free open software, and allowing people to customise their devices. The official website is at

#Pine64 #ARM #ARM64 #PinePhone #PineTab #PineBook #OpenHardware #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #LibreHardware #Hardware #Smartphones #Laptops

Wow haven't jumped in here for a hot minute! Since the last post the following #pinephone thingy's have happened:

* Moved my contacts to gnome-contacts via evolution (thanks @linmob !)
* installed puremaps via flatpak and took it on a test car trip (mixed results)
* attempted to build geary from source but ran into issues

In general, it feels like I'm ready to make the full move now! Getting a new sim card as we speak!!

Also updated this:

Not too much, but had fun :)

Gair y Dydd: hyd y fyl โ€“ pwy sy'n gyfarwydd รข'r ymadrodd hwn?

Word of the Day: hyd y fyl 'to the brim': โ€“ is anyone familiar with this South Walian expression?

Good thread on #UKcovid options at a crucial decision point, which I'm confident the Johnson-Cummings government will get wrong again.


They've not made a single good decision on a major issue yet, and show no ability to correct course rather than plough on. I'm afraid the economy will tank further and tens of thousands more will die unnecessarily.

Meanwhile #NewZealand has been able to resume pretty much as normal, being an island with a decent leader #UKpol

And now the top and bottom of the cases table.
84: Cardiff
42: Wrecsam (concerning to see that up again)
36: Fflint
35: RhCT
8: Neath PT
5: Powys
4: Monmouthshire
3: Mรดn
0: Ceredigion

That's the first 0 I remember seeing in a local authority for a while.

@LloydCymru@the-bird-site posts full stats in a readable form here if you'd rather not fight with the PHW site:


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