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The National Infrastructure Commission for will be tendering for renewable energy projects later this year 👀👇

We'll be using the Crown Commercial Service to manage the tendering process crowncommercialservice.bravoso

If you'd like to participate in this opportunity, please register your organisation for a Crown Commercial Service account. *It could take up to four weeks to complete your registration* so crack on!

For those who can access BBC iplayer

Dwi'n caru hwn a dwi'n caru Cymru! 🥰
I love this and I love Wales!
The Asian Welsh, Series 1: Episode 1: via @bbciplayer

I'm far from an expert in Tory party machinations, but I feel as though Martin Kettle is on the money here. This result doesn't make things easy for the party. I've lived through enough leadership contests to believe that this is close to the end game for the prime minister

Golwg have a new website out Lingo360

It's a companion website for their Lingo Newydd magazine for learners. Definitely worth taking a look at.

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