Allan yn dosbarthu taflenni dros ein ymgeisydd lleol bore ma.

Out leafletting for our local candidate this morning.

Anyone know how long requests to join the flagship instance are currently taking?

I currently use StoryGraph as an alternative to Goodreads, but am interested in giving Bookwyrm a go.

Here's what I'm - borrowed from our excellent local public .

Clychau'r gôg

A walk in my local bluebell woods this afternoon.

Brought some of my in from the for the night as the temperature is forecast to drop and they are in an unheated greenhouse.

Tomatoes, courgettes, chillies and cucumbers all grown from seed.

My children would argue that my plant babies get more attention than they do at this time of year.

After a couple of days of lurking I should probably do an post.

I'm Delyth. I live in and am a mam to 3 teenagers.

I work as a data analyst, supporting food & drink SMEs.

I'm a Community Councillor and a Plaid Cymru member.

Rwy'n siarad .

I'm interested in , and all things and .

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