Lovely day out for a chat and a coffee with a former colleague from PCH. Have to do it again so I can pay next time. 😁

My late partner's phone, which has been sitting in a cupboard for the past 5+ years, now has a new home with one of our friends. Backing-up the photos and wiping it still felt "wrong", even after all this time, though I know she would have wanted me to do just that.

Test patch of paint stripper applied; that can sit for a few hours before I find out if buying 2.5L was a mistake. 😁

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The Labours of Berkules continue...
Stripping paint off a door with a hot air gun is hard work in this heat. The weird brown gunk under all the paint - three layers or more! - is hard to remove too. That's a shame as I think they're hardwood of some kind and I could otherwise varnish them.

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Just a reminder, UK folks: I run a wiki about places to pass on things that you no longer need. It's called Pass It On.

I'm always looking for SPECIFIC, GENUINE and RECENT examples of charities/other orgs that will take things that might otherwise go to landfill.

Please, no hearsay or vague recommendations. But if YOU PERSONALLY have got a charity to take something IN THE RECENT PAST, I am desperate to hear about it.

New door handles fitted with just a bit more remedial work to do before paint removal and redo. Next job is to then rehang the one door as it's wonky!

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Brace yourselves: new UK data laws are coming

“The Government have just announced their plans to gut the UK General Data Protection Regulation. They are proposing to bonfire your rights and remove the protections the law affords to your private life, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.” #GDPR

Unusual request from my sister: "next time you come down can you saw the end off this walking stick?"; she's using one until she's recovered from a nasty double fracture of one leg. Four months in plaster was not a great thing to be dealing with, then a few weeks into it our dad died so she's had it so much worse than me.

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'Despite the fact that here in Wales we produce 90% more electricity than we use, our household bills are amongst the highest in the UK.'

Looking at replacing door handles upstairs and found 3x mortice locks that will need packing and replacing plus one that has been packed using filter and has a ball catch embedded in that; the latter will be a fun job to fix.

Tough week, so it's time for 'Young Frankenstein'. 😁

CW: coercive control? 

JFC, my friend is still working her way out of the relationship with someone who appears to be an unreconstructed narcissist. Today's telling comment was during her research, she came across the line "after all I've done for you" and told me it was his favourite line to her. Awful, awful excuse for a human being.

A friend popped in earlier for a chat and one of my cats, Sorrel, jumped on her lap for attention. I told my sister about this and she responded with a formal complaint.

Managed to cut the grass in my sister's garden despite wearing completely the wrong shirt for doing so in direct afternoon sun; short sleeves would have been so much more sensible. Also did more work on the back door surround and kitchen floor/living room floor interface. Having a glass of wine to celebrate. :)

CW: domestic violence 

The friend who was seeing a narcissist? I asked a while back if there was any violence involved and she said no; it came out this morning that there was but because it wasn't "classical", i.e. a punch or a slap, she hadn't considered at such. Thank fuck she's seeing it now for what it was and is asking herself how far it could have gone.

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He looks like he's in need of a party hat and colourful drink with a cocktail umbrella 😔

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