Diolch yn fawr to everyone who has followed me. I hope I have followed everyone back ok (I have only been using the Internet for over twenty years...) *embarrassed*

I finished top of the Duolingo Diamond League last week!
I am exhausted, but I am of course going to keep on going (miss the adventures of Owen's pannas, etc?!). No no nooo...

Diolch i bawb am eich croeso caredig 😊
(I got a bit nervous & used Google translate)
Thank you to everyone who has followed me: I will follow back hyn o bryd! 😊
Greetings from Aberdaugleddau :baner:

Helo! I am Fiona! Dw i’n byw yn Aberdaugleddau.
I am a Welsh learner and I would love to practise here. :baner:

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