I 'may' be 'slightly' inebriated. 🍷

Today is the first Saturday in a while I haven't worked up with a need to do Uni work (Next module doesn't start until Oct). Hence I'm still in bed at 9.30am watching Saturday Kitchen on DVR and drinking coffee. Bliss.

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Looking urgently for a remote graphic designer job: I do logos, branding, social media design, packaging, print, custom artwork & illustration. Please boost?

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So the coach load of people that went for a trip to the races didn't actually have tickets to get in. Some of them had symptoms and had had Covid tests. Even though they were waiting for the results they went anyway, cos that's 'what they do every year'.
They just went on a chauffeur driven pub crawl to Doncaster without giving a shit.
I have no words....

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Looks like it will be a record-breaking week for activity on toot.wales this week 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

New graph out Friday.

Rhondda Cynon Taff in lockdown from 6pm tomorrow.

Noel 'no mask' Gallagher proving what I've suspected for some time. He's a complete dick!

Tonight I've double booked myself on Zoom. Is there a word for that? Maybe 'iStupid'.

So 'The Carbon Footprint of Everything' or An Evening with Andrew Andonis' as part of Wales For Europe? Decisions, decisions.

Actually there's only a 30 minute crossover, so maybe 2 laptops....

So the 'rule of 6' doesn't apply to hunting parties! Anyone got a gun I can borrow?

Should I buy a / grill?

I'm talking about the traditional Japanese box type not the cheap metal or ceramic ones you can buy on Amazon.

Anyone got one? How much do they throw out the bottom? Can you really use it on a kitchen counter top or will it need some kind of heat insulating plate?

Anti-Maskers Forced to Dig Graves for Covid-19 Victims in Indonesia

At least eight people who have refused to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic have been forced to dig graves for people who died from covid-19 in the province of East Java, Indonesia, according to a report from the Jakarta Post.


Ok so I've finished my assignment. As usual I'm over the word count but I'm not wasting any more time than I already have trying to pare it back anymore. I'll take the markdown instead.

And if I've learnt one thing it's don't buy organic bananas, buy fair trade!

Ok @Ebrill bring on the sugar daddy! 😉

Girding my loins for day two of assignment writing. All I can say is 'bananas'!

Tonight I'm living on the edge.... stirring the contents of a non stick saucepan with a metal spoon!

This weekend I shall mostly be starting at my laptop screen as I search for inspiration to complete the university assignment that is due at the beginning of next week and I've been struggling with for weeks.

So 1 of my clients called a to say that recent events at home & abroad had brought to the surface that some staff had 'somewhat antiquated' opinions which was upsetting to other members of staff.
We arranged a suitable training course for them, the 1st part of which happened yesterday. Today we got the feedback forms returned by email. In answer to the question 'what did you like about the course?', 1 delegate wrote 'Pretty Instructor'. . I feel this could take longer than we thought.

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Everyone, I'm getting sick to death of saying this. Stop saying it's f***ing NHS Test and Trace. It's a private firm. It's Serco.

Failing private firms hide behind the NHS logo and our f***ing media help them. So the NHS can be blamed for private failure.

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It is very unlikely to have in-person meetings for the #SoftwareFreedomDay2020. But As no giant company over last three dicades couln't stop #FreeSoftware movement, we won't let Corona virus to stop us.

Let's have online meetings over #BigBlueButton or #Jitsi. Talk to ordinary people who have no idea about Free Software. Also plan for collective contribution on #SFD2020. It can be coding, translating or even contribution to Mozilla Commons Voice.

Involve more people.

Share your ideas please.

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