I have submitted my literature review assignment HOURS before the deadline.

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<<RT @walesintheworld: We are currently consulting on @WelshGovernment's new draft international strategy

It sets out an international vision for , in what is an uncertain and changing world. Do you want to take part? Find out more here:

t.co/7xWCbrSROy t.co/uD8XRX6WrP>>

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A great Twitter thread on how to write useful image descriptions mobile.twitter.com/RobotHugsCo

Much more relevant for us on Masto because we actually try to do it.

This literature review is killing me slowly!

Supermarket pricing policies never cease to amaze/confuse me. Today's example

4 Energiser AA = £3.75
8 Energiser AA = £6.00
12 Energiser AA = £5.00


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<<RT @newyorkwelsh: Diolch o galon @BBCWales for spotlighting the work that all of us @newyorkwelsh have been doing to support the Welsh diaspora and raise the profile of here in NYC. 🗽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 t.co/kpqEVJYoVm>>

N'famady will be playing at Roath Farmers Market tomorrow if you are in

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Tŵt Moderator and Resident Foodie @gomez will be joining @sharecardiff at Techniquest on Oct 21 to talk Tŵt - it's a free event so swing by! Several other Tŵters may be in attendance!

Legend tells that the first balafon was discovered by the King of Susu, Soumaoro Kanté, and it was given into the guardianship of the djeli Bala Fassèké Kouyaté. The Kouyatés have therefore been a significant family of djeli for generations. N'famady is a direct descendant, and one of the stars of the succession of the Mandingue. - 5/5

ant he was taught to play balafon (a traditional West African natural wooden xylophone), the preferred instrument of both his parents. N’famady then went on to djembe and drumming in the traditional ballet groups of Conakry, the capital of Guinea. In later years he joined various theatre and orchestral groups for festival tours across Africa.

The balafon is sacred in Guinean culture and is traditionally played during ceremonial celebrations, carnivals, and community festivals. - 4/5

alysts for experimentation. The original words of the source songs are in Malinké, Susu, and French, and hail from the four natural regions of Guinea.

This collaboration has been supported by the Arts Council for Wales.

About N'famady:

Born into a griot/djeli family; a West African bardic tradition whereby the Djeli/griots have a guardianship responsibility for preserving traditional Mandingue culture through the sharing of ancient rhythms, songs, stories, and music. As an in - 3/5

reborn in Wales as The Successors of the Mandingue.

The evening will begin with a delicious communal meal of Guinean bean stew (vegan & vegetarian options) followed by 'Mandingue Horizons' a presentation of music performed in collaboration with Cardiff based singer and percussionist Sallie Maclennan. The core of this project is song, and the development of a fusion between African and Welsh voices, by creating new harmonies and new verses using traditional Mandingue sources as ca - 2/5

Tonight I shall mostly be at this!!

Africa Night at Cardiff MADE presents: N’famady Kouyaté’s
The Successors of the Mandingue and Mandingue Horizons.

Join us for a extra special night of West African music and food

Presenting N’famady Kouyaté, from Siguiri in Guinea (West Africa) who is a master balafonist (balafola), singer, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and the founder member and leader of Les Héritiers du Mandingue (a traditional Mandingue-modern fusion group) – now - 1/5

Off to Monmouth for 3 days to deliver a residential training program to post graduate students from Swansea University.

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We are 1 today! 🐣🐥🎂

Huge thanks to everyone who's supported us on our journey so far. We're helping our partners & clients implement the Future Generations Act in very practical ways, and we will be doing a lot more of it in the years to come!

Follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/afallencymru), LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/35550987/), Pixelfed (pixelfed.social/AfallenCymru/) and YouTube (youtube.com/channel/UCNnEQe5kh)

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