Virgin Atlantic just cancelled my flights. Travel plans in disarray.

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Interesting piece on the results of Finland's experiment of the effect of Universal Basic Income that showed that it led to a "small increase in employment, significantly boosted multiple measures of the recipients’ well-being, and reinforced positive individual and societal feedback loops."

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Someone I know wants to try out Mastodon, but he doesn't know English. Is there:

A) A way to look for users speaking a particular language?

B) A Polish instance that's well moderated (no bigotry allowed on there)?

Please boost, even if you don't know 😓

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It's really annoying that so many US companies won't accept orders from overseas even if they are for delivery to US addresses.

The one that MrsG just tried to order stuff for her mother on, first wouldn't let her checkout after geo-locating our IP to the UK.

Using my VPN fixed that until it then refused the order because her PayPal account wasn't created in the USA. And don't even think about trying to use a non USA credit card.


If you are looking to avoid the usual suspects this and want to support the independents today and for Christmas then take a look at this site.

Businesses that have been set up by students and ex-students of Welsh University.

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This is disagraceful.

@openrightsgroup regularly uses FoI to establish what Government is doing. If true, the Government is deliberately ignoring the first basic rule, which is to treat all requests on their merits, and to ignore who made the request.

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We can skip the Year In Review stuff this year, thanks.

Is there such a thing as Supermarket Rage?

Every time I visit one I end up wanting to punch someone!

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Called into Brecon today on the way back from getting some venison for Thanksgiving. As my old man would have said, 'now there's a town dying on its arse.'

So many shops already closed or closing down. Sign in the little independent electrical store - 'Sorry but due to the rising rents we've had to call it a day.'

The only store with a line outside, all the time we were there, was Greggs.

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If you've ever wanted to donate $1 to charity AND watch a garden gnome be launched into space, today is your lucky day.

for every viewer that watches Chompski's ascent into space online, either live or within 24 hours of blast-off, Gabe Newell will donate $1 to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of children's hospital Starship, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Help. Anyone in the USA using Optimum internet that can answer a technical question about upgrading the modem/router?

Boosts Appreciated.

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Overall, which one would you use?

Please boost.

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Since the beginning of lockdown in March I've, on and off, been building a 1:35 scale Chinook HC MK1 kit. I have a lot of hours invested.

I was just putting the final coat of paint on before applying the transfers and I dropped it.

It immediately reverted to kit form.

Only this time most of the parts are not in the box but under the bloody furniture!

Excuse for a while whilst I stand in a corner and swear very loudly for a very long time!

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