What's going to happen when Garry Monk's family find out he's not actually in Portugal, but moonlighting as a barrister?

My friend is learning to play the piano and wonders if it's possible to buy the sheet music to the song Mynd ar y Ceffyl.

Does anyone know if it's available anywhere? I can't even find a decent version on YouTube - just a terrible tuneless children's choir!

I'm staying in beautiful Solva. Does anyone know what the origin of the name is? I realise it's Solfach, but what does the Sol bit mean?

Great news : proposals will give cyclists and horse-riders access to much more of the network of footpaths in Wales.

Well done to Cycling UK and OpenMTB for running the "Trails for Wales" campaign that led to this. There's huge public support, so thanks to the Welsh Government for listening.


Yes, the info is in the exam booklet but I set that aside to read properly closer to the time. If I'd read it in May like I planned, I'd have already missed the deadline for the coursework.

Another example: 15% of your Canolradd mark comes from a piece of coursework you have to do in advance of the exam. Deadline in April.

I had no idea, but found out about this accidentally last week.

Why no mention of the coursework when you register for the exam?

Why no email reminder of the upcoming deadline from the Welsh learning centre?

Sounds crazy, but I feel as if they absolutely don't care whether or not anybody passes the exams!

To give just one example: I found it impossible to find out in advance what the exam fees would be.

Nothing on the WJEC website.
Nothing in the booklet except "ask your centre".
Nothing on the Learn Welsh/Dysgu Cymraeg website.

So it was impossible to budget, impossible to bring the right money when I registered.

But they don't take credit cards...or give change. They need the exact money. I had to walk to the nearest cash machine, get money out, then buy something to get some change!

Dw i'n mynd i dosbarth Cymraeg ers mis Medi, i cael y qualification Sylfaen ac wedyn y qualification Canolradd.

Nawr mae cwestiwn mawr gyda fi: pam roedd e'n MOR anodd i cofrestru am y dau arholiad ac ffeindio mas y gwybodaeth?

Pwy sy wedi cael yr un profiad?


I'm a freelance copywriter/editor.

I'm interested in , issues, , , and .

I moved back to Cardiff recently after spending most of my adult life in England and I'm trying to make new friends/connections here.

Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg a bydda i'n sefyll yr arholiad Canolradd ym mis Mehefin.

Recommendations about people to follow on here and real-life meet-ups for Welsh learners will be gratefully received!


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