Last night I went to see Winners at the Sherman Theatre, part of the "Get It While It's Hot" showcase for new talent. It's on until Saturday and really worth catching, especially if you're a rugby fan!

My review is on the Entertainment South Wales website:

Came across a new word on Pobl y Cwm today: "princs". Looked it up on the Ap Geiriaduron but it wasn't there.

Turns out it's a Cymraegification of the English word "prinks", which is short for "pre-drinks". As in, the booze you have at home before going out for the night.

I feel so old!

I found out this morning that last week's Welsh class went ahead despite the strike. The tutor crossed the picket line, as did a handful of learners (some of whom weren't aware of the strike).

Most learners, like me, knew about the strike and waited for a message from the tutor to tell us what was going on. She didn't bother updating us. (Not that I would have crossed a picket line anyway.) So most people assumed the class was off and stayed away.

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Today I went to the National Museum of Wales and checked out the Botticelli that's recently made the news as - well, as a real Botticelli. People were making a beeline for it and taking photos etc! But it's really worth looking round that whole section, seeing it in the context of other Italian art and especially in the context of other Virgin & Child portraits.

Also: if she really arrives on campus two hours before our 10am class, why does she wait until 9:59am to unlock the classroom door, leaving us all standing in the cold until the last millisecond?

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My Welsh class normally starts at 10am but if the strike is still on it won't be happening.

Tutor said she'll come in this morning and if the strike is on, she won't be teaching. Said she'd email to let us know either way. We said that wouldn't allow much time for people to travel to the class (or NOT travel) and she said not to worry, she arrives for work at 8am.

It's now nearly 9am and I'm none the wiser!

The Crown episode Tywysog Cymru features language dialogue in an incredibly natural and unabashed format, kudos to the writers and producers for running the episode in its most natural format! Closing credits features Dafydd Iwan's "Carlo" as well 😃

"Bob wythnos mae e'n darllen Y Cymro a'r Faner,
Yn darllen Dafydd ap Gwilym yn ei wely bob nos,
Mae dyfodol y wlad a'r iaith yn agos at ei galon fach ef,
Y mae'n fwy o genedlaetholwr na'r FWA"

Solidarity with Cardiff University staff, now on their second day of strike action.

I don't feel as if the media has done a good job of explaining why there are strikes at 60 universities across the UK. Most people don't even realise that in most cases, it's over two separate disputes.

Why you might be counting in the wrong language

“We think that it's because the Welsh medium children had a somewhat more precise representation of two-digit numbers,” says Ann Dowker, lead author on the study and experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford. “They may have had a greater understanding of the relationships between numbers, how large they are relative to other numbers.”


She's a lovely person, interested in everything, but she's one of those listeners who shows interest by interrupting every sentence or so with a question or comment. Which makes it tiring to explain anything complicated or tell a long story.

So I only got as far as S4C exists, yes it really does only show Welsh-language programmes, yes they're just like normal programmes (but in Welsh) and yes, there are "enough of us to make it worth it".

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The day after I saw a Pobl y Cwm celebrity on the bus, an English friend asked me in all seriousness if there are any television programmes in the Welsh language. I thought she was jokingly setting me up to tell my story and launched into it, but she interrupted within seconds and I realised she really didn't know that Welsh-language telly is a thing! So I explained about the existence of S4C.

Dw i wedi gweld y dyn sy'n chwarae Guto ar Pobl y Cwm - ar y bws yn Rydychen! Odd iawn ond dwi'n hapus iawn. Mor neis, cyfeillgar, "down to earth". Ffrindiau neis hefyd.

Dwi'n wneud cwrs haf Cymraeg yr wythnos hon. 11 pobl yn y dosbarth. 2 sy'n dod o USA. 1 o Ffrainc. 1 o Palestine. Dim ond 2 ohonon ni sy'n dod o Gymru! Dwi'n falch iawn.

What's going to happen when Garry Monk's family find out he's not actually in Portugal, but moonlighting as a barrister?

My friend is learning to play the piano and wonders if it's possible to buy the sheet music to the song Mynd ar y Ceffyl.

Does anyone know if it's available anywhere? I can't even find a decent version on YouTube - just a terrible tuneless children's choir!

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