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I write even worse than I speak it. I want to learn, so I'm grateful for corrections.

What I don't understand is: if it was the WRU's banding system that prevented the Cardiff from paying Anscombe more, then neither can the , right?
So what did the Ospreys offer him that the Blues couldn't or wouldn't?

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Fancy a little trip back in time? To January 2018?:

Cameron: not as bad as we thought.

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Newyddion arall:
Josh Adams -> Gleision Caerdydd ()
Scott Baldwin ->

Luke Morgan yn aros gyda Y Gweilch ().
Alun Wyn Jones a Gareth Anscombe yn dal aneglur.

Luckily, despite of all the insecurities, Rob Evans, Ken Owens and Jonathan Davies have extended their contracts with the

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Wow, just came home from a long roadtrip and Wales is in the lead. Ymlaen Cymru!

"The tedious narrative that the Ospreys are somehow facing an impending financial challenge is not only entirely false, but malicious propaganda by those for whom the demise of the Ospreys would be a twisted convenience"

The newest statement reminds me so much of this guy.

The German commentators on DAZN just called Alun Wyn Jones a "Master of the Dark Arts". Pretty cool title, I think.

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