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I write even worse than I speak it. I want to learn, so I'm grateful for corrections.

Felly, mae Steff Evans yn chwarae, Patchell yn 22. Ond dim Halfpenny.

Efallai y byddwn yn gweld Halfpenny, Patchell a Steff Evans ar gyfer y Sgarlets, penwythnos yma. Mae'n mynd i fod diddorol.

Julia Reda – Breaking: The text of Article 13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised

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Goodness, I might well be delusional 😆

I hope for No. 3.
Best outcome: Wales beat England and Ireland at home, but lose to Scotland at Murrayfield. England win the tournament by bonus points.
Wales go to Japan, confident they can beat anyone, but still under the radar. They haven't won the 6 Nations, after all.
England go to the World Cup full of bravado, because they have "broken" mighty Ireland and (having lost only to Wales in Cardiff, which doesn't count, y'know) have won the 6 Nations.

3 interpretations of the 1st two rounds of :
1. Wales not nearly as good as we thought, will be flattened by England. Nothing under control.
2. Gatland has everything under control. He rested a few key players against Italy and the tournament really starts in 2 weeks.
3. Gatland has everything under control, but he doesn't care about this year's 6 Nations, only about the world cup. He treats it as a big training camp to try things out under tournament conditions.

The German commentators on DAZN are actually discussing cooking recipes. This game is done.

That was cool. Even if it probably won't count.

Yaaawn, that was a nice nap. Now I could do with a bit of rugby, if it is not too much to ask.

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It's like Wales' tactic involves boring the opposition to death.

One must say one thing about Biggar. With him the helm, if everything goes to plan, the game gets boring 😴

Booing the kicker should be below the Scottish fans.

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