🇮🇹 🇫🇷

is here, we kick off with v - in all honesty I think this is France's year so I'm looking forward to watching Matthieu Jalibert (in for an injured Ntamack) take charge today.

Allez les Bleus!


A sadly muted set of anthems in empty stadiums, despite the second- and third-best anthems being played 😔 Empty stadiums, bubbles, I"m in two minds this tournament should even be happening. But here I am watching it.

ITA V FRA Score 

Italy 0-7 France - TRY Dylan Cretin CONVERSION Matthieu Jalibert

ITA V FRA Score 

Italy 0-10 France - PENALTY Matthieu Jalibert

Italy coming back hard, great ball carrying, penalty awarded, Ollivon conceding under the posts

ITAvFRA Score 

Italy 3 - 10 France PENALTY Gaolo Garbisi

ITAvFRA Score 

Italy 3-17 France Gael Fickou TRY

Oh wow, what a lovely bit of play.

I just got word we are expecting snow tomorrow so I need to start packing the house up to move out today, but I just chuckled loudly at a wonderful bit of French juggling.

Nice of you to recognise that "Flower of Scotland" is the best anthem. 😉

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