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in a Week: check out this seven day itinerary from Visit Wales, what's missing, what did they get right, what did they get wrong?

🇳🇿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

New Zealand v ... Steve Hansen and Warren Gatland both step down as head coach after this match. With the pressure off, this promises to be a lively match with both teams looking to give their coach a fitting send-off.

Wales have not beaten the All Blacks in 66 years, but if ever a team could, it's this one. In some ways, this is the final that never was. Settle in, this should be one heck of a match.

Royal Meteorological Society's Weather Photographer of the Year More than 5,700 images were submitted by 2,000 photographers for the competition, run by the the Royal Meteorological Society. But it was this beautiful image by Gareth Mon Jones that was the overall winner. Above My Expectations was taken at dawn in , in .

Soon, my country, you will be rich.

Your rivers run through my veins.
Your tides and mountains
swell in my chest.
Your birds of prey
are my arms and legs in flight.
I have fifteen hearts.

Inside this steel frame
the wheels of your valleys
turn again, spin
and catch the sun.

I am steel in flight, unstoppable,
a dragon with fifteen hearts.

--Paul Henry

have the won the past four matches against South Africa, and I had the pleasure of dinner with Warren Gatland, Rhys Williams and Alan Phillips in DC leading up to the match in 2018. I had a heart to heart with Gats that night and we talked six nations, autumn series and and I have the utmost confidence he has a master plan that is carefully unfolding. His leadership is undeniable, and he has plenty more up his sleeve. Bring it on.

<<RT @tootwales: RT @gomez
All set up and rareing to go at the sharecardiff Community Connections Event at Techniquest. Come and say hello.>>

for the day: If you're in and have a friend or family member in New Zealand, call them up and have them go outside and place a piece of bread on the ground, while you do the same.

Use whatever condiment you like, sandwich spread, branston's etc. but make sure the condiment is face down.


You just made history's biggest sandwich.

🥪 🌍

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇫🇷 team to play on Sunday. Parkes, Biggar, Davies all allegedly fit for duty. Davies I believe, Biggar not so much, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Hadleigh Parkes in a fully cast arm this weekend. Wainwright to start means this is the exact same team that beat in the pool match.

<<RT @walesintheworld: We are currently consulting on @WelshGovernment's new draft international strategy

It sets out an international vision for , in what is an uncertain and changing world. Do you want to take part? Find out more here:>>

WALvURU Score 

Spme new energy from sees red dragons pouring down the left and a not-forward-this-time pass from Parkes gets Tomos WIliams over the line for the bonus point. 28-13

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WALvURU Score 

Uruguay lose their number 7 for playing the ball on the ground one too many times. Down to 14, Uruguay can't defend the maul and bring it down just shy of the line, conceding a penalty try for - 21-6

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